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General Records FAQs

My name is wrong/misspelled on my ConnectCarolina account. How can I fix it?

Any change to a student’s full legal name – whether spelling, capitalization, middle name/initial, accent mark, or suffix – can only be made by the Registrar’s Office.

Important: Students should bring a federal- or state-issued photo ID with their correct full legal name to our office for processing.

How can I get my immunization records?

Contact Student Health Services, Medical Records Department, by phone at (919) 966-6558 or via the Student Health Services website.

How may I change my directory phone number and address info?

In your Student Center click the “Home” link located at the top in the blue Welcome bar. The “Update Personal Information” link will be on the lefthand side under General Links. Make any phone number or address updates in the appropriate sections and be sure to Save.

As a student, I would like to make my address private. How?

Students who wish to restrict address information in the online and campus directories can make these changes on the “Update Personal Information” page. In your Student Center, click the “Home” link located at the top in the blue Welcome bar. The “Update Personal Information” link will be on the lefthand side under General Links. You can indicate your preferences here on which pieces of directory information you want to restrict by checking or unchecking the “Public” box.

Students can make preferences here on which pieces of the directory information they are requesting to restrict.

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Academic Records FAQs

What is my class rank?

A student’s class rank can be obtained in person from the Registrar’s Office, or requested by a signature-bearing fax.

I am a Graduate student and there is no GPA on my record-why?

Graduate grades of H, P, and L should not be interpreted as equivalent to undergraduate grades of A, B, and C, therefore, they do not calculate a GPA.

How do I change my major/minor?

Students make changes to their programs through their academic Dean’s Office.

How can I confirm my minor is on my record?

Contact the academic advising unit of your program(s).

How do I change my major listing in the directory?

The major information is drawn from the student information system database.

If you believe the wrong major is showing for your record, contact your academic dean’s office immediately. It may be that you are not in the correct major or have yet to be admitted into the major you requested.

I would like to obtain the historical records of a long-dead relative. How may I do this?

A request for a transcript should be submitted with as much information as possible provided to aide our search for the record.

See the Request a Transcript link for more information. Keep in mind that our records only go as far back as 1903, and before 1968 are not computerized.

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Transcripts FAQs

How can I request a transcript?

There are several ways to request transcripts and some specific guidelines, policies, and privacy compliance laws that must be followed depending on the method of each request.

If you would like to request your UNC-Chapel Hill transcript visit the certificates and transcripts section. If you click on this link you will see the instructions for ordering a transcript.

Note: Due to the substantial volume of transcript orders at this time, please allow 2 weeks processing time.

Can you send my transcript(s) electronically?

At this time, UNC-Chapel Hill does not offer electronic transcripts.

Can someone else pick up my transcript for me?

If it is necessary for someone other than the student to pick up a transcript then we must have authorization directly from the student/alumnus/alumna prior to pickup, and the individual must show photo identification upon receipt.

If the student/alumnus/alumna do need another individual to pick up their transcript request, they should include that instruction in the “Special Instructions” section when placing the online order.

The authorization must also give the first and last name of the person picking up his/her transcript because we will check photo-ID when the person arrives to pick up the transcript.

Important: We will not accept an authorization that is delivered by the person picking up the transcript.

Has my transcript request been processed?

Contact the Office of the University Registrar by email at to check on the status of your transcript request.

I am an employer, and I have doubts on the authenticity of an applicant’s transcript. What actions do I take in this situation?

You may call the Office of the University Registrar for verification.

Do I have to pay for a transcript being sent to an on-campus box for the purpose of applying/reapplying to a program, applying for a scholarship or advising purposes?

We are able to waive the transcript fee for transcripts that are being sent to an on-campus box for these types of purposes. You will still be responsible for the $2.25 transcript processing fee.

Note: Be sure to include the Campus Box Number when submitting the order.

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Certificates FAQs

How can I obtain an Enrollment Certification?

Go to the enrollment certification page and follow the instructions.

How do I get a Dean’s Certification? What is it good for?

We verify academic eligibility.

The Dean of Students, who certifies disciplinary action, should be contacted for certification of academic and disciplinary eligibility. Law schools most often request these certifications.


If you did not find your answer here, email the Records team for assistance.  Include your name, PID and home mailing address in your email.

A hold on my account prevented the release of my diploma at graduation.  The hold has been removed.  When can I expect to receive my diploma?

Contact our office to let us know that the hold has been cleared.  The easiest way is to send an email, including your PID and current address information, to the Records team.

I received my diploma but it doesn’t mention my minor. Should my minor be listed on my diploma?

Minors are not included on diplomas; however, all majors and all minors will be listed on your transcript.

When are diplomas distributed?

Visit the Diploma Distribution page for more information.

I’ve moved and haven’t received my diploma. How can I find out where it was sent?

It is your responsibility to make sure that the home address listed on your ConnectCarolina account when you graduate is where your diploma should be sent.

Important: Diplomas will not be forwarded by the Post Office.

If you expect to move after graduation, update your home address before you leave town by following the instructions on the Diploma Distribution page. If your diploma has already been mailed, it might be returned to our office, but it might not. If it is returned, we are happy to send it to your new address (if you have one listed) or keep it here until you contact us. If it is not returned, you will be responsible for ordering a replacement copy.

It’s been several weeks since I graduated and my diploma hasn’t arrived. What should I do?

Check the Diploma Distribution page to see when you should expect your diploma to arrive and what to do if you have moved.

How may I request a replacement diploma?

Replacement diploma orders are submitted at the end of each month and take 3-4 weeks to return from the vendor.

A student who would like to order a duplicate diploma should complete and submit a Replacement Diploma Order Form with all the pertinent information.

Important: Only the student him/herself may order a duplicate diploma.

There is a wrong/misspelled name on my diploma. What should I do to fix this?

Diplomas are printed with a graduate’s full legal name as it appears in ConnectCarolina.

Each term there is a deadline for making name changes which will be reflected on diplomas. It is each student’s responsibility to check that their full legal name is correct in ConnectCarolina by the deadline.

If the name on a graduate’s diploma is incorrect but does reflect the full legal name as listed in ConnectCarolina at the stated deadline, the student will need to request a name change, after which they may pay for a new diploma by completing and submitting a Replacement Diploma Order Form.

If the name is incorrect on the diploma because of an error by our office, the incorrect diploma can be returned for a free replacement.

Contact the Records section for further instructions.

Where may I find details of UNC-CH’s Commencement Ceremony?

For specific details concerning Commencement, refer to the
UNC Commencement website.

How do I apply for graduation??

Each term, eligible students may apply for graduation through their ConnectCarolina account beginning the first day of class.

On the Academics tab, select “Apply for Graduation” from the drop-down box and click the arrow.  if this option is not available, you should contact your academic advisor to confirm that you are eligible to graduate.

I am applying for a visa and need to submit verification of my degree. What should I do if my diploma hasn’t arrived yet?

A Proof of Awarded Degree is often accepted in place of a diploma to verify educational credentials. If you need this letter as part of your documentation for overseas work or study, use the Comments box at the bottom of the form to request that the letter be certified and notarized.

You may also be asked to obtain an apostille, which is an additional authentication provided by the State of North Carolina. The NC Dept of the Secretary of State will only process an apostille if the document has been certified/notarized by the granting institution, so you will want to request that first. Then follow the instructions for obtaining an apostille.

Note that, while our office is happy to certify/notarize your Proof of Awarded Degree letter, we cannot be responsible for submitting payments or other supporting documentation. You will need to make those and all other arrangements directly with the office of the NC Secretary of State.

What is the size of a diploma?

UNC diplomas measure 11 ½” x 14.” Custom designed frames for this size may be purchased from the UNC Student Store. Certificates for University certificate programs measure 8 ½” x 11.”

How will my name appear on my diploma?

Your diploma will be printed with the full legal name as listed on your ConnectCarolina account.You confirmed this information during the Apply for Graduation process and can check the name to be used through your Student Center in ConnectCarolina.

To check the name to be used on your diploma:

  1. Go to the ConnectCarolina Portal at
  2. Login to the ConnectCarolina Student Center by clicking on the “Login to Student Center” button and entering your onyen and password.
  3. Click the Home link at the top right of the page.
  4. Locate the General Links area
  5. Select the Update Personal Information link on the left side

Your full legal name will be listed.  If this is not the name that appears on your driver’s license or passport, bring your documentation to the Registrar’s Office to process a name change.

Important: Changes to your full legal name MUST be processed through the Registrar’s Office.

Be sure to do this before the stated deadlines for name changes so that your name will be correct in the Commencement Program as well as on your diploma.

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Veteran Affairs

How do I apply for admission to UNC Chapel Hill?

You must apply through the appropriate UNC Admissions Office.

Prospective undergraduate students may find information and application at:

Prospective graduate students, visit:

How do I find out what VA benefits I might qualify for or if I have any VA benefits remaining?

Contact the Department of Veteran Affairs at 1-888-442-4551 or visit their website at

How long does it take to begin receiving benefits after they have been initiated and enrollment certification (22-1999) has been electronically sent to the VA?

New applicants should expect to receive their first check 8–12 weeks from the time the enrollment certification is sent.

You will be paid retroactively from the first day of class. It is imperative that you notify the VA Certifying Official of any changes to your enrollment information (i.e. changes to schedule, including adding, dropping or withdrawals)

What do I need to do each semester to continue receiving VA benefits?

Complete and submit the UNC-CH Veteran Educational Benefits Enrollment Data Form once you’ve officially registered for classes.

Will I qualify for instate tuition?

Visit our residency information link here..

Applications for residency are sent to the appropriate Admissions Office.

Can I get a tutor?

Eligible veterans who have a course deficiency may be eligible to receive reimbursement for payment to a tutor for individual tutoring. Visit the VA website at for more information and to obtain the Application and Enrollment Certification for Individualized Tutorial Assistance (VA Form 22-1990t).

Free Tutorial Assistance is offered for many courses through the Learning Center located on campus. Please visit their website at and if you still have specific questions or need guidance finding the appropriate tutor, please contact their office by calling (919) 962-6389 or send an email to

Do VA benefits affect Financial Aid?

Yes, VA benefits must be reported and may be calculated in award packages. For further information, contact the UNC-CH Office of Scholarships and Student Aid at 919-962-8396.

Transfer Students

If you are a transfer student and have used VA benefits at your previous university and would like to continue receiving the same benefits at UNC CH, you don’t need to reapply, you may submit a change of place of training form 22-1995 or 22-5495 (if you are a Ch. 35 dependent).

Dependents of Veterans

If you are a dependent of a veteran and will be receiving benefits under the Chapter 33 Post 9-11 transfer option, submit your VA certificate of eligibility or a copy of your 1990E application.

For step by step instructions regarding the transfer process.

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Grade Reporting

How can I save my work without submitting the grade roster change?

Faculty can save their work at any time during this process provided they do not set the grade change request status to “Approved”.

In these cases, the “Request Status” column will read “Saved”, which indicates the grade change request has been saved but not submitted. Once a faculty member sets a permanent grade change request to “Approved” status and hits save, this will initiate the workflow for the grade request approval process.

How do I make a second permanent grade change?

If an error was made when submitting a grade change request, a second request can be initiated.

A Revise column will appear after a grade change has been posted for a student. Click “Revise” to re-open the grade change fields and follow the usual procedure for initiating a permanent grade change request.

How do I Award a Grade to students who do not appear on the grade roster?

If a student was added to a class after the grade roster was generated (on a post-semester drop/add form), their PID will not appear on the posted grade roster. When a grade change is needed for such students, click the “Update Roster” button at the bottom of the page. All students who were enrolled after the grade roster was generated will appear. Select the appropriate PID and the student will be added to the grade roster. Follow the normal procedure to initiate a grade change request.

NOTE: If a student’s PID is not listed when you click “Update Roster,” the student has not been added to the course. Contact the student’s undergraduate academic advisor or graduate program for assistance.

How do I enter grade changes for multiple students on a grade roster at the same time?

Yes. An instructor can enter multiple grade changes on a grade roster, including both permanent grade change requests and temporary grade changes. Remember that the status of the request must be set to “Approved” in order to initiate the request:

  • For permanent grade change requests, clicking “Save” will initiate the approval workflow process for all permanent grade change requests on the roster with “Approved” status.
  • For temporary grade changes, clicking “Post Change of Temporary Grade” will submit/post grade changes for all temporary grade change requests on the roster with “Approved” status.

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