Effective Date: May 2014
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This memorandum lists the approved degrees, and the majors in each degree, awarded by each of the schools and colleges on this campus and the code numbers assigned to each degree and major. The list contains the Classification of Instructional Program Code (CIP) assigned by the Office of the President. The CIP codes are reported to the National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES) by UNC system General Administration to meet national reporting needs.

In 2007-2008 Provost Bernadette Gray-Little named a Task Force to review the degree and major inventories as well as the conventions used for printing the degrees and majors on transcripts and diplomas. The recommendations of the Task Force were approved by the Provost and are reflected in this document.

In 2013 provisions were formalized for awarding an earned degree posthumously and for awarding a certificate of attendance to a deceased student. Those procedures can be found as an attachment at the end of this document.

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The UNC system General Administration publishes an Inventory of Approved Degree Programs with codes and program titles used in the Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP). Degrees awarded in majors listed in this publication must have been approved by the General Administration and appear in the UNC System inventory. The appropriate major is indicated on a student’s diploma (with some exceptions) and transcript for each degree received.

The University relies on automatic data processing requiring that both UNC Major Codes and CIP Codes be assigned to each degree and each major field in order that accurate statistical data is generated for reports used on our own campus, by the University System offices and NCES. Schools and departments that have questions about any degree, major field or code shown herein are urged to contact the Office of the University Registrar.

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It should be noted that the list is organized into three major groups.

  • The first group includes Undergraduates.
  • The second group lists all the Graduate Degrees which are awarded jointly by the Graduate School and the Professional Schools. You will note, for example, that the Master of Arts, Master of Science, and Doctor of Philosophy degrees appear in several different professional schools, but with different majors.
  • The third group contains the first professional degrees (i.e. JD degree in Law, MD degree in Medicine, DDS in Dentistry, and PharmD in Pharmacy). (Certificates offered by the University are under review at this time and will be listed as soon as that process is completed.)

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The student database is programmed to receive only the data which has been approved. Likewise, schools and colleges may award degrees and with major fields of study only as listed herein. The “Application for Degree” must use the degrees and majors as approved.

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This table will be revised periodically. Any errors, additions, or deletions should be reported to the University Registrar.

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