The Forms below will assist in the Residency appeals process for UNC-Chapel Hill.

This online application for residency for tuition purposes is for students in programs administered by The Graduate School only.

Click here for access to the form:

All other students should submit a paper application to your admissions office. (For example MBA students should submit to the MBA Admissions Office, undergraduate students should submit to the Undergraduate Admissions Office and so forth.) It is important that you follow proper routing procedures.

For a listing of these programs, please see the following website:

Please contact the Registrar’s Office if you continue to have questions.

If married, you are not required to divulge your status or information about your spouse. However, please be informed that information about your spouse may strengthen your residency application.

Note: For more information on Spousal rights in the Residency decision go to the Residency Classification page and click on ‘The Effect of Marriage on Domicile and the Spouse-Pair Provision’ tab.

If you are applying for an applicable spousal benefit, please submit your residency application, spousal supplemental form, and supporting evidence (including spousal evidence) to:

UNC-CH Residence Status Committee
CB# 2100
Suite 3105 SASB-N
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-2100

Note: Use the Spousal Supplemental form