Classroom Reservation Request for Ad-Hoc/One-Time Events

  • Many General Purpose Classrooms are available from 8:00 am until 6:00 pm Monday through Friday. For spacial reservations many other rooms may have slightly different hours of availability.
  • You may only make 1 reservation at a time using this form. To create additional reservations use the RESET button to clear the form and submit additional classroom reservations.
  • Only UNC-CH employees or members of officially recognized student organizations may reserve General Purpose Classrooms. Please refer to the Event Scheduling Guidelines for more information on our Policies.
  • This is only a reservation request. The Scheduling Office will send you a confirmation when your request has been processed.
  • To make a change to an existing reservation, call the Scheduling Office directly at 962-6093. Changes are not accepted through this form.

To create additional reservations refresh the page and submit additional classroom reservations.

For questions and comments about this form or the Classroom Reservation Process, please contact the Scheduling Office by email or phone 919-962-6093.

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