Review our collection of frequently asked student registration questions.

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Where can I find my registration appointment time?

Go to Student Center, look under the Enrollment Dates section, click on Details to view the time and date of your enrollment date appointment.

Why does the system time out so quickly during registration?

The web registration system times out in 20 minutes if no activity occurs during the session.

Student receives the message ‘You do not have a valid enrollment appointment at this time?

The cause of this error message is attempting to enroll prior to the specified enrollment date and time.
To view an enrollment appointment:  Go to Student Center, under the Enrollment Dates click on Details to view the time and date of the enrollment date appointment.

Will ConnectCarolina let a student register for classes where one ends at the same time that the next class starts?

Yes, the system would not view this as a conflict and would allow a student to enroll in classes that end and begin at the same time.

I cannot register because I don’t have a registration appointment

If the student has already received an email message about registration from the registrar’s office have them contact the Registrar’s Office for this issue: 919-962-9851 during normal business hours.

Otherwise have them contact the Admissions office at 919-966-3621.

In ‘Student Center’ under Enrollment Dates, it says I can begin enrolling for “Session A”. What does this mean?

Session A represents the entire term.

You will also see additional sessions under your enrollment appointment which allows you to enroll in classes created within those sessions.

Note: There is only one enrollment appointment for all sessions.

What is a class permission number?

Class permission numbers are used to allow departments to manage enrollment in certain classes.

If your class has permission numbers contact the teaching department or professor.

How do I switch recitations of a course?

From the ConnectCarolina student center by clicking on click on the Enroll tab. Next select Edit tab and select the course.

The system will allow you to switch one recitation section for another without making you drop the lecture.

Note: It is not recommended that you use the swap feature for this transaction.

If students drop all their classes will the system pick that up and cancel them on the Term Withdrawal and Program stack?

ConnectCarolina has a minimum unit load of 1 credit per term.

Students should take the appropriate measures to cancel their registration.

Note: Additional help can be found at:

I cannot see classes offered for this coming semester?

Make sure you have selected the upcoming semester as your term before searching.

When do we get our registration times for the upcoming semester? I only see my times for the current semester.

Students are assigned enrollment appointments when they are term activated. Each term they will receive an email entitled “important registration information“.

Once they receive this email they can go to their student center to view their enrollment appointment.

Note: Be sure to click the details button.

When is registration for the upcoming semester?

Check the Registrar’s calendar site for this announcement:.

Also, you will get a Formal Notice from the Registrar to your UNC email address (as you do before every registration period).

How do I view my Academic standing?
  1. Go to your Student Center
  2. Click on the “Other Academics” pull-down menu
  3. Choose “Grades”
  4. Select the semester you want to view your academic standing
  5. Scroll down to the bottom of the page

Academic Standing is located at the bottom of the term’s grades.

If you have any questions or concerns about your status, contact your advising office.

Why can’t I register for a specific course? I have room for it in my schedule and hours limit and there are still 5 spaces open.

Check the restrictions (reserve capacity or prerequisites) on the class notes.

If you have additional questions contact the teaching department of the class.

Where can I enroll for courses offered through Carolina Courses Online?

Register through the Friday Center Web site .

Where do we find registration dates?

Go to the Registrar’s Calendar web page.

How are terms in residence assigned?

ConnectCarolina awards the term in residence at the beginning of the term (later taken away if not successfully completed), so students are assigned an enrollment appointment based on the term in residence they are registering for.

For every 15.0 credit hours/units a student earns he/she is
awarded 1 term in residence.

Example: 45.0 credit hours = 3 terms in residence

I cannot register because I have a hold.

From the Student Center locate the holds box.

The hold will have a link to directions for what you need to do in order to get the hold removed.

When does my enrollment appointment end?

Your enrollment appointment ends at the beginning of open enrollment when appointments are not required.

Students can then add and drop until the posted calendar dates.

Where can I find out how to register for classes?

The Office of the University Registrar’s Registration Guide contains information on how to navigate the registration process.

Where can I receive help with registration?

For the fastest response if you have questions or problems with registration, refer to the Registration guide.

If you have additional questions contact the registration section at or 962-9851.

How can I find my advisor?
  1. Go to your ConnectCarolina student center.
  2. Your assigned advisor will be listed on the right side under the Advisor area.
What is the registration fees schedule?

Consult the costs of attendance website, maintained by the University Cashier’s Office.

I withdrew from UNC. How can I return?

You will need to reapply to the UNC through the appropriate admissions office.

Note: If you left UNC with a medical withdrawal, you also must be cleared by the Office of the Director of the Student Health Service.

How do I audit a class?

See our Audit Policies.

I’m not a UNC student. How can I register for summer school courses?

Contact the Summer School Office at (919) 966-4364.

How can a former student enroll for a course?

Contact the Friday Center for Continuing Education at (919) 962-3000.

Will registering late affect my financial aid?

Contact the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid at (919) 962-8396.

How can I take a class as an employee and get my tuition waived?

Contact the Office of Human Resources (Benefits Extension) by phone at (919) 962-3055.

Human Resources also offers information concerning tuition waivers for employees via the web.

How can I determine where I am on a class’s waitlist?
  1. Set your schedule to display in List View.
  2. Make sure Show Waitlisted Classes is checked.
How is my enrollment appointment assigned?

Enrollment appointment dates are assigned each term in accordance with the registration schedule posted on the University Registrar’s Calendars.

Enrollment appointment dates for undergraduate students are assigned on the basis of terms in residence.

Your Semesters (Terms in Residence) are tallied in three ways:

  1. UNC‐Chapel Hill *full‐time* enrollment Regardless of the number of credit hours, any fall or spring semester of enrollment in UNC‐Chapel Hill courses (including UNC‐CH Study Abroad courses, but excluding Carolina Courses Online) tallies as a semester used up, unless you are enrolled as a part‐time student through Part‐time Classroom Studies. (Summer sessions at UNC‐Chapel Hill do not count as semesters.)
  2. UNC‐Chapel Hill *part‐time* enrollment A semester is tallied for each full multiple of 15 cumulative credit hours earned at UNC‐Chapel Hill in fall or spring terms (not summer terms) in which you are enrolled as a part‐time student through Part‐time Classroom Studies.
  3. Transfer credits awarded for courses taken at other colleges A semester is tallied for each full multiple of 15 cumulative transfer‐credit hours awarded for courses taken at other colleges. Excluded from this calculation are transfer hours awarded for courses taken either concurrent with high‐school or in any summer term after your first term at UNC Chapel Hill.

Carolina Courses Online

Any term in which you are enrolled only in online courses does not tally as a semester used up.

There is a class I really want to take, but I cannot select it from the course dropdown.

The course dropdown shows classes that are scheduled for the term selected. Therefore, if that course is not being taught for that term, it will not be listed in the course dropdown list. You are welcome to contact the teaching department of the course for information about when it will be offered next.

Why can I lock a recitation but not a lecture?

If a class has a required recitation, those two sections are tied in the system. The lock will display on the class that displays first based on class number, but that will lock the lecture and recitation combination.

What do the Instruction Modes search criteria show?

Instruction Modes show the mode in which the class will be taught. See the chart below for descriptions.

Mode Description
Face to Face Instruction Traditional in-person classroom instruction
Interactive Real-Time Video Students may be participating from different locations but are connected with other students and the instructor via real-time video.
Internet, Web-based Asynch Instructional information has been prepared and made available on a website ahead of time. There is often no real-time communication between the instructor and students.
Web-based Synchronous Instructor and students are logged into an internet “classroom location” at the same time and may communicate via video or other electronic means.
If the system times out will the classes in my shopping cart be emptied?

No. If you have placed classes in your shopping cart they will remain until the system is purged after the close of the enrollment period.

If I put classes in my shopping cart, am I guaranteed a spot in those courses?

No. The shopping cart is used to help you manage your selection of courses.

The Shopping Cart does not reserve a space for you in a course.

If I put a class in my shopping cart for which the professor is “TBA” will the professor’s name show up in my cart if that information is updated?


I can see a class but I can’t add it to my shopping cart?

Determine that you are not in the planner, rather than in the shopping cart, when you are viewing the Schedule of Classes.

Does putting a class in my shopping cart guarantee I get a seat in that class?

No. Just like any online retail shopping cart, you are not guaranteed the item until you complete the purchase.

In this case, you are not guaranteed a seat until you complete your registration enrollment.

Is there a limit to what you can put in your shopping cart?


How can I put classes in order of preference rather than ConnectCarolina just automatically signing you up for the first 5 classes on your list.

Under the Plan tab shopping cart, select the classes you want to register by clicking the box next to the class.

If you enroll from here, ConnectCarolina will try to enroll you in those classes first. You can keep other classes in your shopping cart in case you need to retry or want to switch something out.

The enrollment processor goes through the classes alphabetically and then numerically. Therefore if you select ENGL 102 and HIST 127, the system will try to enroll you in ENGL 102 first, and then HIST 127.

Likewise, if you put HIST 127 001 and HIST 127 002 in your shopping cart, the system will try to enroll you in HIST 127 001 first, and then if you don’t get in will try HIST 127 002.

How can I view the details of a class?

Use Class Search to locate the class. Go to the Class Detail page and click on the Section link for the class.

The section link displays:

  1. The total number of seats
  2. The instructor
  3. The meeting pattern
Where can I view class restrictions?

The enrollment restrictions should be located on the Class Detail page.

In Connect Carolina, when we look up a student’s max enrollment limit, we see 18 hours. However, students are telling us they cannot register for that many. Why is it listed as 18?

The max unit load is limited by the enrollment appointments right now, until open enrollment begins.

On the enrollment appointments page, undergraduate students are limited to 17 credit hours, until increased (by open enrollment) to 18 credits.

What exactly is a “unit” and why are they variable for my classes?

A unit for a variable class is the amount of credit you get for the class. The more units, the more work, the more credit.

How do I register for class at NCCU, UNCC, UNCG, Duke or NCSU for my program at UNC-Chapel Hill?

The Office of the Registrar provides several pages of information concerning the UNC-Chapel Hill Interinstitutional Policy.

How can I search for classes that fulfill Supplemental Education credits?

You need to speak with an advisor about Supplemental Education credits.

Does the class search engine still exist?

To search for classes

  1. Search tab -> Search for Classes
  2. Click the Search link from your shopping cart.
How can I search for classes that fulfill General Education Requirements?

Use the magnifying glass under Search by General Education Requirements to search by one or more Gen Ed flags.

Check days of the week under include only these days to return courses that meet on all of the days you check (although they may ALSO meet on other days).

I can’t get a search return of more than 300 classes.

This is a limit that has been set to maximize system performance.

We suggest that you narrow your search using Additional Search Criteria to get better search results.

If you want to see a complete listing of classes, you can view the Directory of Classes.

How do I search for classes available per period?

Use the class search link you’ll only get results that are offered in that term.

How do I search the entire catalog of courses at UNC?

The browse course catalog pulls from a different set of information (all courses Carolina has ever offered).