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About the Records Support Team

The records section maintains the permanent academic record of all current and former students; to clear undergraduate Arts and Sciences students for graduation, to secure and distribute diplomas for all students; to provide statistical reports and rosters on student performance to the student and/or to authorized University offices; to build and test new degree programs, and to maintain and update degree requirement changes.

This section also provides coordination of data-entry and records maintenance activities for International Study/Year Abroad programs, Non-Degree registrations and Independent Studies courses; administers the STOPS System and the Automated Degree Audit; certifies athletes for NCAA participation eligibility; and ensures that each section head follows the Records Retention and Disposition Schedule approved for the Office of the University Registrar.

In fulfilling our purpose, we are dedicated to a mission of service and positive relations with various publics:

  1. Students, past and present.
  2. Faculty and staff of campus departments/schools and administrative offices.
  3. Certain non-campus offices and agencies.
  4. Other sections of the Office of the University Registrar.

Contact The Records Area

If you have questions about any records services please contact the records team.