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General Records FAQs

I would like to change my legal name on my ConnectCarolina account. How can I request a change?

Any change to a student’s full legal name – whether spelling, capitalization, middle name/initial, accent mark, or suffix – can only be made by the Registrar’s Office.

Please bring a completed Name Change Form (PDF) to the Registrar’s Office.

Important: Students should bring a federal or state issued photo ID with their correct full legal name to our office for processing.

How can I get my immunization records?

Contact Student Health Services, Medical Records Department, by phone at (919) 966-6558 or via the Student Health Services website.

How may I change my directory phone number and address info?

In your Student Center click the “Home” link located at the top in the blue Welcome bar. The “Update Personal Information” link will be on the left hand side under General Links. Make any phone number or address updates in the appropriate sections and be sure to Save.

As a student, I would like to make my address private. How?

Students who wish to restrict address information in the online and campus directories can make these changes on the “Update Personal Information” page. In your Student Center, click the “Home” link located at the top in the blue Welcome bar. The “Update Personal Information” link will be on the left hand side under General Links. You can indicate your preferences here on which pieces of directory information you want to restrict by checking or un-checking the “Public” box.

Students can make preferences here on which pieces of the directory information they are requesting to restrict.

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Academic Records FAQs

What is my class rank?

A student’s class rank can be obtained in person from the Registrar’s Office, or requested by a signature-bearing fax.

I am a Graduate student and there is no GPA on my record-why?

Graduate grades of H, P, and L should not be interpreted as equivalent to undergraduate grades of A, B, and C, therefore, they do not calculate a GPA.

How do I change my major/minor?

Students make changes to their programs through their academic Dean’s Office.

How can I confirm my minor is on my record?

Contact the academic advising unit of your program(s).

How do I change my major listing in the directory?

The major information is drawn from the student information system database.

If you believe the wrong major is showing for your record, contact your academic dean’s office immediately. It may be that you are not in the correct major or have yet to be admitted into the major you requested.

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Transcripts FAQs

How can I request a transcript?

Current Students – Please see for information on how current students can order official transcripts and access unofficial transcripts.

Alumni and Former Students – Please see for information on how alumni/former students can do the same .

How much does a transcript cost?

The fee for an electronic PDF transcript is $9.20 and the fee for a paper mailed official transcript is $10.95.

The chart below lists our official transcript fees:

Transcript TypeTranscript
Fee *
Paper Shipping
Fee *
Total Transcript
Official Electronic PDF Transcript$7.00$2.20N/AN/A$9.20
Hold for Pick-Up Official Paper Transcript$7.00$2.20N/AN/A$9.20
On-Campus Box Paper Transcript (from approved list for purposes of admissions/scholarships)$.0.00$2.20$1.75N/A$3.75
Official Paper Transcript Sent 1st Class Mail$7.00$2.20$1.75N/A$10.95
Official Paper Transcript Sent FedEx to Main 48 States$7.00$2.20$1.75$20.00$30.95
Official Paper Transcript Sent FedEx to Alaska/Hawaii$7.00$2.20$1.75$23.00$33.95
Official Paper Transcript Sent FedEx Internationally (including Canada/Mexico)$7.00$2.20$1.75$43.00$53.95

*Processing fees and paper shipping fees go to Credentials, Inc. Please note that a processing fee is assessed per transcript copy going to each recipient in the order.

Payment information is submitted through the online request. Charges are not applied to the credit card until the transcript is processed.

How long will it take for my transcript request to be processed?

Transcript orders may take, on average, one to three business days.

If this is your first request for a transcript since we transitioned to ConnectCarolina, and you have records prior to the Fall 2010 term, additional time is needed for validation of your student record. Please allow processing time if you are ordering your transcript to meet a time sensitive deadline. On average, your transcript order will be processed between one to three business days.

  • If you have records prior to the Fall 2010 term, but have ordered a transcript since 2011, your transcript should be processed in a shorter period of time.
  • If you do not have any records prior to Fall 2010 term, validation is not needed on your student record, and your transcript request will be processed sooner.

You will receive an email notification when your transcript request has been processed, is ready for pick-up in our office, or is available to be retrieved online for PDF requests. If it has been more than 3 business days and you need to check on the status of your order, please feel free to email us at

I don’t need an official transcript. Is there a way to access an unofficial transcript?

Yes. Current students check out instructions on accessing their internal (unofficial) transcript from their Student Center. Former students and alumni can also access their internal transcript from their Student Center by first creating a Guest ID.

How can I attach a document to my order?

If you are required to send a document along with your transcript(s) – such as the transcript-matching forms required by centralized application services (AMCAS, LSAC, PharmCAS, etc.) – the document(s) should be received as an attachment to your order to send with your transcript(s).

You can designate that you have an attachment at the “Attach Additional Documents” option that will appear on the “Enter Recipient Details” screen of your order. After you place your order, you have the options to fax or mail the attachment to Credentials, Inc.”

If you need to send an attachment with an order going to an on-campus box for the purpose or admissions or scholarship application, you will need to fax, mail or email the attachment to the Office of the University Registrar directly. You will receive the instructions when you place the order.

Important: The document attachment option is available for all orders with the exception of the hold for pick-up orders.  If you need to send an attachment with an order you are picking up from our office, you would mail it along with the sealed transcript envelope.

How do I send a transcript to an on campus destination?

If you wish to order an official transcript to be sent to an on-campus box # (requesting your transcript be sent to a UNC-CH admissions office for the purpose of applying or to a program or for the purpose of applying for a scholarship), the $7 cost of your transcript itself will be waived during the ordering process.

On the “Select Recipient 1 Type” screen of your order, select “College or University,” select “NORTH CAROLINA” from the table of U.S. states/territories that will pop up, and then hit “Next” at the bottom.

Then, on the “Searching for Recipient 1 in NORTH CAROLINA” screen, start typing in “university of north carolina at chapel hill” and it should appear as one of the options in the box below.

After you click on its listing in the box, you will be presented with an “Available Recipients Table” containing the various campus-box addresses for which we are authorized to waive the $7 transcript fee for the above reasons, and you can select the one yours should go to.

On the “Your Order Summary” page that will show directly before you submit your order, you should then see “$0.00” listed in the “School Transcript Charges” line.

If you need to submit a form with an on-campus box # order, you will have the option of submitting your attachment via email, fax or mail to the Office of the University Registrar directly.

Can you send my transcript(s) electronically?

Yes. Students/alumni can order electronic PDF transcripts, with the exceptions of:

    • Students who attended prior to 1980. (These students can still order hard-copy transcripts.)
    • Students who matriculated into a School of Medicine program prior to Fall 2014 (please see “I attended the School of Medicine as a MD student. How do I request a transcript?” at the end of this section).

Current Students – Please see information on how the ordering process works for current students.

Alumni and Former Students – Please see how the ordering process works for alumni/former students.

How long will my electronic transcript be accessible?

When you order an electronic transcript for yourself or any other Third Party Recipient, you will have 30 days to access the Credentials Solutions website and view your transcript. Once you first access the file, you have 2 business days to download and save the file before Credentials Solutions deletes it.

When you order an electronic transcript to be sent to another school, the receiving school has 30 days to open the transcript. Once the school opens and accesses the transcript for the first time, they will have 25 days to download and save your transcript. After 25 days have passed, your transcript will be deleted.

Can someone else pick up my transcript for me?

Yes.  If it is necessary for someone else to pick up a transcript for a student/alumnus/alumna, we must have authorization directly from the student/alumnus/alumna prior to pick up. You can include this authorization on your order by specifying the first and last name of the person picking it up in the “Pickup by” field on the “Pick-Up Information” screen.

When the person comes to our office, we will also need to see a current photo ID for him/her before we can release your transcript.

Has my transcript request been processed?

When your order is processed, you will receive a confirmation email from Credentials Inc. at the email address you included with your order. You will also receive emails when you first place the order, and then when the order is authorized (or if you are required to send in a signed authorization form). Credentials Inc. also offers the option of receiving the transcript order status updates via text message.

If there is a hold on my account, will my transcript be released?

If there is a hold on your account which prevents transcript release, you will notified after you place your transcript order.Once you rectify the hold on your account, your transcript will be automatically processed and released.

Important: You can view any holds on your account using your Student Center or Alumni Center in ConnectCarolina.

Do I have to pay for a transcript being sent to an on-campus box for the purpose of applying/reapplying to a program, applying for a scholarship or advising purposes?

We are able to waive the $7 transcript fee for transcripts that are being sent to an on-campus box for these types of purposes. You will still be responsible for the $2.20 processing fee and the $1.75 paper shipping fee.

What does an official transcript look like?

Official transcripts are printed on University transcript paper and include the Registrar’s signature and University Seal. Official transcripts issued directly to students/alumni are in a sealed envelope with the Registrar’s signature across the back flap.

Can I request a transcript in person?

In order to best manage our heavy volume of transcript requests and keep our processes efficient, we cannot guarantee the processing of on demand orders when coming in person to our office. If you wish to come in person to place your order at a public computer on campus, we will be happy to help you walk through the ordering process. The processing time for your order, however, will remain 1-3 business days (on average).

I am an employer, and I have doubts on the authenticity of an applicant’s transcript. What actions do I take in this situation?

You may call the Office of the University Registrar at 919-962-3954 for any questions related to the authenticity of transcripts.

I’m planning to do a Study Abroad program, and they need a transcript. What do I need to do?

For students applying to a Study Abroad program requiring an official UNC-Chapel Hill transcript, the Study Abroad office requires that you order an official transcript issued to yourself, and include that with your application.

Important: The Study Abroad office will not take transcripts sent directly to their office from the Registrar’s Office for this purpose.

See instructions for online ordering. To determine if your Study Abroad application requires an official UNC-Chapel Hill transcript, check your application checklist.

The transcript order form is requiring a SSN, but I do not have a valid SSN. What do I use to complete my order?

We require a SSN to be entered when placing a transcript order directly to the Credentials Inc. ordering link to use that as a field for validating we have the correct student record before releasing a transcript. If we have any questions about the criteria matching on an order, we’ll manually review that order and reach out to the requestor with any issues. For our International students that do not have a valid SSN, please use 111-22-3333.

I attended the School of Medicine as a MD student. How do I request a transcript?

Effective October 8, 2015, the Office of the University Registrar will begin processing School of Medicine transcripts for MD students who started Fall 2014 and later.

Additionally, School of Medicine students, former students and alumni, will have a “hold” on their record indicating what they need to do to order a transcript and will be notified if additional steps are required when placing an order. Current students may view this information from the Connect Carolina Student Center under the Holds section.

School of Medicine MD students who started their program prior to Fall 2014, will need to request their official MD transcript through the School of Medicine directly. If these students have coursework in any other UNC-CH programs, an additional transcript order should be submitted through our office (Order a Transcript) for those records.

Electronic PDF transcripts are not available for students that matriculated into a School of Medicine program prior to Fall 2014, and therefore a different delivery option should be selected with these orders.

Additional questions? Please email us at

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Certificates FAQs

How can I obtain an Enrollment Certification?

Go to the enrollment certification page and follow the instructions.

How do I get a Dean’s Certification? What is it good for?

We verify academic eligibility.

The Dean of Students, who certifies disciplinary action, should be contacted for certification of academic and disciplinary eligibility. Law schools most often request these certifications.

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