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Can current students update their diploma name in ConnectCarolina?

Yes. Current students can update their diploma name in ConnectCarolina. During the graduation application process students were asked to verify and/or update their diploma name. Step by step instructions are available on the Applying for Graduation page.

If a student has already applied to graduate, can they still change their diploma name?

Yes. Students who have already applied for graduation can update their diploma name in ConnectCarolina by following the steps below: (screenshots below)

  1. Login to your ConnectCarolina Student Center.
  2. Click My Academics.
  3. Click View my graduation status.
  4. Click Diploma Name.
  5. Update your Diploma name and click Save.
  6. A save confirmation screen will appear. Click OK.
  7. Confirm your updated diploma name.

Click to view a PDF of these steps

Do my diploma name and primary (legal) name have to match?

No. A student’s diploma name does not need to match their primary name. A student can choose any alternate name as their diploma name. Some examples of alternate names include but not limited to:

  • First name, initial, or an alternate form of first name
    • i.e. First name “alternate name” last name i.e. James “Jim” Frazer
    • i.e. First name (alternate name) last name i.e. James (Jim) Frazer
  • First name which conforms with the graduate’s genuine expression of gender identity
  • Middle name or initial or omission of middle name altogether
  • Inclusion of former or maiden name
  • Inclusion of proper capitalization and accentuation of name, including special characters
  • Inclusion of maternal surnames as culturally appropriate.

If I change my diploma name will my primary name be updated as well?

No. Students who would like to change their primary name will need to follow the name change process by submitting the necessary Name Change Form and supporting documentation to the appropriate office. More information on the primary name change process can be found on Name Change Policy page.

Can I add special characters to my name?

Yes. Students can copy and paste special characters from Microsoft Word or use the alt codes below to and add special characters them to their diploma name as needed in ConnectCarolina. Here is a reference of common special characters.

Alternate Character codes


Can a student who needs to use their diploma as a legal document (i.e. legal, immigration purposes), change their diploma name to an alternate name other their legal name?

The University suggests that students who plan to live, study or work outside the United States use their legal name on their diploma to avoid issues with verification of their educational record. If a student changes their diploma name and later needs a new diploma with their legal name, they will need to order replacement diploma. Standard fees will apply.

Do students have a deadline to update their diploma name for diploma printing?

Yes. Graduates have until their degree conferral date to update their diploma name which is posted under the Important Graduation Dates. If a graduate changes their diploma name after the diploma order for the semester has been placed, the graduate will have to order a new replacement diploma with the updated name. Standard fees will apply.

Will changes to my diploma name appear in the commencement program?

The deadline to submit name changes for the commencement program is posted on the Important Graduation Dates webpage. Graduates should have any updates to their diploma name added by the posted deadline.

Can graduates who completed their degree prior to May 2021, change their diploma name?

Yes. If a graduate would like to order a replacement diploma with an alternate name, they may submit a Replacement Diploma Form. Under the Diploma Name section on the request form, they can enter the name that they would like to appear on their replacement diploma. Standard fees will apply.

As an international scholar, should I update my diploma name?

International scholars are encouraged to use their legal name on their printed diploma because complications could arise when the name on their diploma does not match other documents like their transcript, passport, or birth certificate. International students may wish to order a replacement diploma with their preferred name. Standard fees will apply.

Have questions about diploma name?

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