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If you do not find your answer below, email the Office of the University Registrar for assistance. Include your name and PID or date of birth in your email.

  • How do I order a replacement diploma?Replacement diplomas can be ordered at the following link: Replacement Diploma Form. Once the electronic form is submitted, you will receive updates on the status of your request via email.
  • Who can request a replacement diploma?

    To protect the integrity of a graduate’s account, replacement diplomas can only be requested by the graduate.

  • If the graduate is deceased, can a family member request a replacement diploma on behalf of the graduate?

    UNC-Chapel Hill only release diplomas at the graduate’s request. If a family member of a deceased graduate needs the educational record of the graduate, a transcript can be requested through our Registration team. The family member will need to provide the graduate’s death certificate for the request to be processed.

  • How much does a replacement diploma cost?

    Replacement diplomas cost $25 per diploma.

  • How do I make the payment for my replacement diploma request?

    An email with the payment link will be sent to the email address on the request once the replacement diploma request is reviewed by our office. The payment for the replacement diploma request can be made through the link.

  • What payments are accepted?

    Payments for replacement diplomas can be made by credit card. The credit card is charged at the time the order is placed.

  • How are replacement diplomas shipped?

    There are two options to ship diplomas: USPS standard or Federal Express. Standard USPS is shipped is free of charge. Federal Express delivery is available for an extra charge ($15/domestic, $30/international). We strongly encourage students requesting delivery to an overseas address to consider Federal Express delivery, which has the advantage of both expedited delivery and tracking information.

  • What name will appear on the replacement diploma?

    Your diploma will be printed with the diploma name specified on the replacement diploma request. The diploma name is not required to match the graduate’s legal name; however, if the replacement diploma is being requested for legal, immigration, or employment purposes we recommend that the graduate uses their legal name for the replacement diploma. .

  • If a graduate has a hold on their account, can they order a replacement diploma?

    A diploma hold on a student’s record will prevent processing a diploma order for that student. If an order is placed with a diploma hold, the request will be denied, and a refund processed.

  • How long does it take to process replacement diploma request?

    The Office of the University Registrar submits replacement diploma orders at the beginning of each month. Once the monthly diploma order has been submitted, the processing time for replacement diplomas is 3 to 4 weeks. The requestor will be notified via email once the diploma has been mailed.

  • If you still have questions about ordering a replacement diploma, where can you get additional information?

    Additional questions about replacement diplomas should be sent to the Registrar’s Office email