The Primary Instructor has the authority to process and post grade changes for temporary grades (AB, IN, SP, NR).

Note: Once a temporary grade has converted to F*, the Primary Instructor must follow the usual procedure to initiate a permanent grade change request.

  1. Login at
  2. Click the Student Administration drop-down arrow to display a list of options.
  3. Locate the Student Administration area.
  4. Click on the My Schedule link.
  5. Click the Grade Roster icon for each course.

    Note: It may be necessary to locate the correct Grade Roster using the Change Term button.

  6. Select the Request Grade Change link.

    The students who were graded at the time the Grade Roster was approved and posted are displayed.
    Note: The Primary Instructor or Dean/Designate will have access to select only grades appropriate to the student’s enrollment.
  7. Select the appropriate student record.
  8. Use the following fields to enter a Grade Change Request:

    a. Set the Grade Change Request

  9. The Grade Change Reason defaults to Temp Grade.
  10. Set the Request Action:

    a. Set this field to Approved

  11. Enter Comments to explain the grade change request:

    The Comments field is used to enter an additional explanation for the grade change

    Important: You must enter an explanation for the grade change.

  12. Click the Save button (located at the bottom of the Grade Change Request page).
    • The Request Status column will display the grade changes as Instructor Approved
  13. Click the Post Change of Temporary Grade (located at the bottom of the Grade Change Request page) button to officially submit the grade change.
    • The Request Status column will display the grade changes as “Approved – Final”


Next Steps

  • The Request Status column will change to “Approved – Final”.
  • The Official Grade column will show the new permanent grade.