Effective Date: June 2014
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The purpose of this memorandum is to define a cancellation, a withdrawal, and a suspension and to describe the steps necessary to process each of them.

Once a student has registered and it becomes necessary to terminate the registration, there are three possible courses of action that may be taken. These are cancellation, withdrawal, and suspension. The one to be used depends upon the circumstances in each individual case.

A cancellation results in removal of all enrollments for the term. Cancellations are not noted on the permanent record. No tuition or fees are charged, but other charges related to attending the University are the responsibility of the student.

  1. A Registration Cancellation will be processed for any student who has not paid their tuition and fees or made arrangements by the due date set by Student Accounts. (See the Student Accounts calendar for specific dates). A Cancellation Notice will be emailed to your UNC Chapel Hill email address.Other holds that may also result in a cancellation include:
    • Being academically ineligible to continue in school
    • Having an Admissions hold, Deans Office hold, or Campus Health Services hold on his/her registration
  2. A Dean’s Office may authorize a cancellation by submitting the appropriate documentation to the University Registrar’s Office.
  3. A student may cancel their own registration before classes begin. A student can request a registration cancellation in person, by fax, by mail, or by emailing the University Registrar’s Office from his/her UNC-Chapel Hill email address.
    A registration cancellation request should include the following:

    • First and last name of the student
    • The term the student wants to cancel
    • UNC-Chapel Hill PID
    • A written signature (only necessary if request is made in person, by fax, or by mail).
      “I [first name] [last name], would like to cancel my Spring 2014 registration”. Signature (if needed).

    Email Address: registrationservices@unc.edu
    Fax: 919-962-3349
    Office Location: SASB North-Suite 3100
    Mailing Address: Office of the University Registrar, CB# 2100, SASB North, Chapel Hill, NC 27599-2100

  4. The University will only cancel registration for students who have not attended any classes. If the term has begun, and you have never attended a single class, you must contact your Academic Adviser or Dean’s Office.

An official withdrawal occurs when you, as an enrolled student, decide you must leave the University in a given term once the term begins and you have attended at least one class.

If you must leave, you are required to notify the University through the withdrawal process and then cease attendance in all classes and/or academic activities. All students will be responsible for the tuition and fee charges associated with the class(es) and other charges related to attending the University. Instructions on this process are available at https://registrar.unc.edu/academic-services/withdrawals-cancellations/.

Leaving the University without completing the official withdrawal process may result in the assignment of a temporary or failing course grade. An official withdrawal may facilitate readmission in a future term. In determining a student’s eligibility for readmission, please refer to the University Catalog. Students in professional programs, please contact your Dean’s Office.

If a student requests for Campus Health Services or Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) to initiate the withdrawal process on their behalf, they should contact those offices directly. For clarification of policies, students should contact their Academic Advisor or Dean’s Office. In general, a medical withdrawal is effective without grades and, if applicable, without a term in residence.

  • If a student decides to withdraw for reasons other than health related, the student must contact his/her Academic Advisor or Dean’s Office. An official withdrawal must be submitted. Instructions, including signatures and grades required for clearance, are available at https://registrar.unc.edu/academic-services/withdrawals-cancellations/.
  • If a student completes an official withdrawal during any term, tuition and fees will be prorated. See “Important Dates” for each term and the related percentage of credit for amount of prorated refund: http://cashier.unc.edu/tuition-fees/important-dates/.
  • For any questions related to mandatory health insurance see http://cashier.unc.edu/tuition-fees/student-fees/.
  • If a student leaves the University during a term and received financial aid funds prior to the date of departure, a portion of that money will be returned to the aid program(s). The amount to be returned is calculated by the Office of Scholarships and Student Aid when the official withdrawal is noted within the ConnectCarolina system.
  • For those who leave the University without completing the official withdrawal process, the midpoint of the term will be used as the withdrawal date in determining the amount of aid to return.
Once classes have ended for a term, approval would be required for a withdrawal. If there are medical/psychological reasons, Counseling and Psychological Services may authorize a withdrawal. For clarification of policies, students should contact their Academic Advisor or Dean’s Office.

Students may be suspended through the honor system for disciplinary infractions.

  1. The Office of the University Registrar will be notified by the Office of Student Affairs when a student has been suspended for disciplinary reasons.
  2. Suspensions will be processed generally in the same way as a medical withdrawal. The University Registrar will notify only the Cashier’s Office.  A “withdrawal letter” will not be forwarded by the University Registrar to the student, the student’s parents’ or any other office on campus. Internal notification regarding suspensions (except for the Cashier’s Office) is handled by the Office of Student Affairs.