The purpose and mission of this office is to provide this institution with leadership and oversight to the execution and administration of the North Carolina residency for tuition and admissions laws, as well as applicable federal statutes. In doing so, the office provides administration and oversight to the appeals process of affected individuals, ensuring the process functions in accordance with the statutes…fairly, efficiently, and as far as possible, harmoniously.

The Chair of the Residence Status Committee is the University Registrar, who provides this compliance and direction to the Residence Status Committee, the eleven admissions offices, and others directly or indirectly involved with resident status activities/responsibilities. The chairperson also serves as UNC-CH’s representative to the State Residence Committee that hears UNC system appeals, the final step in the administrative appeals process.

The chair is responsible for developing and setting campus policy and writing procedures and guidelines for the admissions offices and all other academic or administrative departments involved with residency classification or the appeals process of such classifications. The chair initiates and provides orientation workshops and training and develops and maintains public awareness printed and electronic materials for the campus and others off-campus.

The chair provides advisement and consultation to personnel of eleven admissions offices, as well as to students, faculty, and department administrators, assuring legal accuracy of residency decisions and consistent residency administrative procedures. Additionally, the chair assumes, by delegated authority from the chancellor, the role of primary problem solver and troubleshooter for residency related issues for student appellants, faculty, and administrators.

The chair also maintains statistics of residency activities and prepares comprehensive reports of same to the chancellor. The overall office mission and chairperson are supported by the Residence Status Committee coordinator who sets the calendar for all appeal hearings and produces the committee schedule every semester, as well as preparing appeals for the State Residence Committee. The senior vice-chair serves as an ex officio member of the committee.

For more information on residence status for tuition purposes contact the Office of the University Registrar:

Kimberly Rempson
Senior Vice-Chair of Residency
(919) 962-5540
Suite 3100, SASB North, UNC-CH