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Grade Input from Instructors

To determine if you are required to obtain grade input, answer the following question(s):

  • Are you an undergraduate student and is it more than 8 weeks into the current term?
    • Fall or spring term: enrolled in 6 or more credit hours AND is it more than 8 weeks into the term?
    • Summer term: enrolled in 5 or more credit hours?
  • Are you enrolled as a degree-seeking graduate student (except for the following programs)?o Doctor of Dentistry (DDS)
    o Doctor of Medicine (MD)
    o Doctor of Pharmacy (PHARMD)
    o Juris Doctor (JD)
    o Master of Laws for Foreign Lawyers (LLM)
    o Friday Center for Continuing EducationIf you answered Yes to any of these questions, you must obtain grade input from the instructor of every class in which you are enrolled and attach the Grade Input Forms to your withdrawal request. Please review the “Attaching Grades to a Withdrawal Request” information below.

    Attaching Grades to a Withdrawal Request (Student)

    Important: You will need to complete one Instructor Grade Input form for EACH of your currently enrolled classes.

    1. Download the Instructor Grade Input form
    2. Complete the Student Request area. This includes your Name, PID, Current Term, and Class information.


    1. Email each respective Instructor Grade Input form to the appropriate Instructor (one form per class)
      • Your instructor will indicate if you are “passing” or “not passing” as of the date you request your withdrawal and sign the form.
      • Each instructor will print, sign and return the form to you one of two ways:
        • Option 1 (preferred): scan and email the form to the student using the email provided on the form.
        • Option 2: Return completed hard copy form to the student
    1. Submit your Official Withdrawal Request in ConnectCarolina
      • Once you have collected grade input for each of your classes, upload each completed Grade Input form to the Withdrawal Request.

    Click here for detailed instructions on submitting an Official Withdrawal Request.

    Attaching Grades to a Withdrawal Request (Instructor)

    The following steps are to be used by Instructors (faculty) for providing Grade Input to a student’s Withdrawal Request.

      1. The Instructor receives a grade input request from student via email or paper copy, with Part One completed.
      2. The Instructor will print this form to provide the appropriate grade input.


    1. Please provide grade input by checking one of the boxes and signing a printed copy of the form.
    2. Return the form to the student.
      • Option 1 (preferred): Scan and email the form to the student using the email provided on the form.
      • Option 2: Return completed, hard copy form to the student.

    Academic policy states that grades must be collected at the time of withdrawal for undergraduate students past the 8th week of classes and for graduate students at any point in the term.

    Note: The student’s Official Withdrawal Request cannot be processed without your grade input. Please return this form to the student as soon as possible.