Recently more standardized dates have been established for the beginning and end of course schedule maintenance, Astra, and extended course schedule maintenance. Those dates are posted below.

  • When an event (i.e. Open ConnectCarolina) begins on a weekend, that date will be rolled back to the previous Friday.
  • When the event ends (i.e. Close ConnectCarolina) on a weekend, the date will roll to the next Monday.
  • If there are any changes to these dates due to special circumstances, the list serv will be notified.
Summer Fall Spring
Open ConnectCarolina Oct 1 Oct1 April 1
Open Astra Oct 1 Nov 1 June1
Close CC and Astra Nov 15 Jan 2 June 30
Room Assignments Nov 16 Jan 3 July 1
Open ConnectCarolina (limited Access) Dec 1 Feb 28 Sept 18
Classes Displayed on Registrar’s Website Dec 5 Mar 4 Sept 23

Have additional questions?

Contact the Scheduling team at 919-962-6093 or