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Hi! It’s me, Maria. Just finished my latest fashion shoot. I love wearing feathers, don’t you?  Since I’ve decided to do endorsements for the scheduling office, I have been busy, busy, busy! A few notes below from the “Office” and then I’ll fill you in on the important stuff.Maria BOA

Thanks, Maria! We just wanted to fill you in on a few important items coming up soon.

Course Schedule Maintenance Tips

Course Schedule Maintenance ends on August 8. No revisions, changes, additions, deletions, etc will be accepted until mid-September if you use general purpose classrooms.  All departments will be locked out of ConnectCarolina for this time and must talk to the scheduling office about any changes (only if you don’t use General Purpose classrooms.)

Don’t forget to check your am/pm times. In my opinion, if you export to excel then sort or filter, it’s much easier to see those kind of errors.

It’s preferable that you don’t assign rooms to your recitations as you then don’t have to count them in your distribution of courses. Remember you no longer have to turn in a distribution of courses worksheet but it appears on the registrar’s website to help you see if you’ve scheduled to many classes in prime time.

Add your instructors if you know them but they can be added later.

Always put in preferences if you need large rooms (over 90 enrollment) and preferably at least two different buildings.

It’s Maria again. I may not appear in every blog post because I’m much too busy. I do, however, have friends that will be dropping by from time to time.  My bodyguard, Lacey will make appearances with and without me. I also have an online boyfriend (giggle). His name is Castro and he has the cutest mustache! My darling feline friends Lily and Oscar will also make appearances. I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t remind y’all to get that information into Astra 7 for Spring 2015! Time waits for no canine (or man)!


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