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CourseLeaf Curriculum Information Management (CIM) takes the entire curriculum process online, integrates, and builds on the CourseLeaf Catalog software (CAT) to provide a comprehensive Curriculum and Catalog product. CIM Course Approval is tightly integrated with the University Catalog and ConnectCarolina.

The CIM module will import course information from ConnectCarolina, provide customized pre-populated forms for campus users (e.g., faculty, administrative staff) automatically create workflow, identity all affected courses by the proposed change, track edits and comments, report on status, generate customized PDF files on demand for committee meetings, and assist in automatically updating ConnectCarolina at the end of the process. The CourseLeaf Catalog software (CAT) will then automatically update the next University Catalog with the approved ConnectCarolina course data.

All course updates are submitted in CIM:

  • Propose a new course
  • Edit an active course
  • Deactivate a course

Login Information


  1. Log into ConnectCarolina
  2. Navigate to “My Schedule” in your Faculty Portal.
  3. Click on the link CIM: Propose or Revise a Course.Click on the link CIM: Propose or Revise a Course link


  • Staff access to CIM Courses. Login with your UNC Onyen and Password.
  • Staff access to CIM Programs. Login with your UNC Onyen and Password.

Guide to Using CIM

The CIM system is very user-friendly with many built in features to guide you through the form.

Course Submission Guidelines

The guidelines and deadlines detailed in the links below are intended to meet the annual publication and update cycles for the University’s course catalog and general catalog.
Course changes, including course revisions and new course requests, will only be accepted until the course schedule is posted (for undergraduate courses) and the registration open date (for graduate courses) for any given term.

  • September 1: Early priority deadline for new undergraduate courses to be offered in the next Spring or Summer term. Approved proposals will appear in Connect Carolina with a Spring/Summer effective date. They will not appear in the Catalog until the next edition is published on June 1.
  • October 15: Undergraduate curriculum deadline for courses and programs. Approved proposals will appear in the next Catalog with a Fall effective date.
  • January 15: Graduate curriculum deadline for courses. Approved proposals will appear in the next Catalog with a Fall effective date.

Workflow Updates

CIM utilizes workflow technology that allow course requests to move sequentially from submitter through the approval process. Currently, UNC allows four options for departmental workflow in CIM.  To add, remove or update members of your department workflow, complete this form.

Support and Contacts