The Course Request Approval System (CRAS) provides a quick and efficient means to electronically submit, approve, and process course requests. Departments will use CRAS to add new courses, make revisions to existing courses, and inactivate existing courses that are no longer offered. All requests will be time-stamped at each stage of the approval process and effective dated. Once final approval is provided, course changes will be posted to the ConnectCarolina course catalog by the Office of the University Registrar.

Access to the system depends upon assignment to a Course Request Submitter or Approval role by a department, curriculum, or unit and completion of training.

Important:  Requests must meet certain deadlines to be included in the next academic year’s Catalog.

  • Undergraduate course requests must be submitted by October 15 each year.
  • For programs in the Graduate School, requests must be submitted by January 15 each year.

Training for Course Request Submitters started on February 1, 2011 and is ongoing for those who have not yet attended.

There are 2 prerequisites for this class:

  1. FERPA Online Training
  2. Course Management and Room Assignment Training

Sign Up for Training: All training sessions are held in SASB 3124. Click on the following links to see the training calendar and enroll in a session.

Training for Course Request Approvers is offered via online-tutorial in Sakai.

Click here to view the steps to access the online CRAS training.  For the best results, use Mozilla as your browser with your pop-up blocker turned off.

*Please allow 24-48 hours after completing training for CRAS access to be granted.

For further reference, a CRAS User’s Guide is also available.

The guidelines and deadlines detailed in the links below are intended to meet the annual publication and update cycles for the University’s course catalog and general catalog.

  • Course submitters may begin the process of entering course information prior to the time that their approvers complete the training.
  • Submitters may receive an error message as the email notifications will not be forwarded if the approver(s) have not yet completed training.
  • Once the approvers are given access, the information will be available in the CRAS inbox. Email notifications will then be in place for future submissions.

Note: the review and approval process still requires some time. Please make sure you plan ahead so that the changes are ready when needed.

  • For technical support, contact the Help Desk ( or 962-HELP).
  • For questions about the course request approval process, please email the curriculum specialist at

Have a question about the Course Request Approval System (CRAS)?

Please email the curriculum specialist at