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  • Emergency requests to change the day/time/location for an individual final exam must be submitted in writing no later than the last day students can withdraw from the section (end of the second week of each term). These requests must be cleared by the department head and the appropriate dean before being sent to the Provost for final approval. If approved, Instructors assume responsibility for making special arrangements to give the examination to any student who has a schedule conflict as a result of the change. Such changes will be granted only under the most extenuating circumstances.

    Use this request form to initiate an emergency request by an instructor or department to change the time of an examination for an entire course, section, or multiple sections after they are already fixed in the final exam schedule.

    The Office of the University Registrar is required to post the official final exam schedule before registration begins for the term. As a curtesy to the faculty we try to get the official final exam schedule up as early as month before. However, several factors can delay an early posting including Common Hour Exam requests, faculty requests, and the campus review process among others.

  • Use the form below to enter information for an emergency change to a section’s final exam:
  • Requesting Individual

  • Course Information

  • Course Sections

    You may include up to six sections
  • Include courses that are both inside and outside the department
  • Include courses that are required for majors/degrees