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Are you in need of an official document to show that you are a student at UNC for the Fall 2016 semester?  You have two options in requesting your enrollment certification:

  1. Obtaining an enrollment certificate through your Student Center:
    • Go to
    • Click on the ConnectCarolina Student Center link.
    • Log in with your Onyen and password.
    • Under the Academic section on your Student Center, click on the Order Enrollment Certification link 131
    • This will direct you to the Student Self Service site through the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC).
    • Under the Obtain an Enrollment Certificate option, select Current enrollment for the current term, or All enrollment to show your enrollment history.
    • Then click the Obtain an Enrollment Certificate link to process the request.

Important: Note to incoming new students, you can follow option #2 below!  Your link in your Student Center won’t appear until a few weeks into fall term.  If you need an enrollment certification sooner, just contact us!

  1. There are other circumstances when you will need to request the University Registrar to manually process you an enrollment certificate:
    • When a form needs to be submitted containing enrollment information. For example, a scholarship application asking for your GPA and status as a student
    • Incoming first-year students who do not yet have the “Order an Enrollment Certification” link on their Student Center
    • Current students and alumni that need additional information on their enrollment certifications, such as:
      • Program information
      • Number of units of enrollment
      • Academic standing
      • GPA
      • Class rank
        • Exception: Our office cannot provide School of Law class ranks; any inquiries for those should be directed to the School of Law. (Since 2008, their policy is that they provide class ranks to the top 10 students in each class. The Law School provides their students with three GPA cutoffs, and their students can use those cutoffs to determine where they fall within the class.)
      • Class schedules (only processed in situations where this is required by organization)
      • Total units completed
      • Other information
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