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Fall 2016 Registration is in full swing, and students are diligently creating their Fall schedules. We have compiled a list of information that is helpful to keep in mind while preparing for and completing the registration process:

  • Terms in Residence for Undergraduate Students

    An undergraduate student’s first available date for registration (registration priority) is based on the number of semesters completed, or in other words, terms in residence.

    Once a student’s registration date is determined, a registration time for that date is randomly assigned.

    If you have questions about terms in residence or registration priority, we encourage you to consult the University Catalog.

  • Class Notes:

    Teaching departments often use the class notes section in ConnectCarolina to communicate certain information about their courses to students.

    Example: reserve capacity restrictions or prerequisites are typically listed in the class notes section. In the example below, the class notes provide information about a reserve capacity placed on HIST 127.001:


If you a question about class notes, we encourage you to reach out to the teaching department directly.

As always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We are available by chat, phone, and email:

Best of luck with registration!


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