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Schedule Planner is a new class search tool with helpful schedule planning capabilities.

The information below will assist you in planning your next academic semester!

How to Access Your Schedule Planner

You can click “Schedule Planner” from your main ConnectCarolina Student Workcenter or access it from Plan > Shopping Cart or Add > Enroll.

    • To access it from your Student WorkCenter , click “Schedule Planner”
    • To access it from Plan > Shopping Cart or Enroll > Add, navigate there and select “Schedule Planner” below the Find Classes search criteria

Schedule Planner Tutorials

Once in Schedule Planner, you will be able to access several helpful videos showing you how to best use this tool.

  • Access these videos by clicking “Help” on the top right of the page:

access scheduling help videos by clicking the help iconReview all four videos to learn everything from the basics of using this tool through advanced ways to customize and select course options!

Using Your Schedule Planner

Review a brief tutorial on using your Schedule Planner.

Schedule Planner FAQs

Use the following Scheduling tips to assist in planning your next semester.

Do you have additional questions about Schedule Planner? Check out our FAQs!