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Committee Membership

Members of the Priority Registration Advisory Committee (PRAC) will be appointed by the University Registrar and will include faculty, undergraduate students, and administrators representing a range of interests and expertise. The PRAC will include some individuals who have experience in educational policy, academic advising, and disability services.The University Registrar will serve as Ex Officio member and Committee Chair.

The Committee will include:

  • 3 faculty for staggered three-year terms
  • 2 students each for a one year term
  • 2 administrators for staggered two-year terms

Committee Charge and Schedule

At the beginning of each Spring Term (for the subsequent Fall Term Early Registration) and the beginning of each Fall Term (for the subsequent Spring Term Early Registration), the University Registrar will announce to the campus community the process and timeline for submitting requests for priority registration on behalf of student groups.

  • The official who has responsibility for students who are potentially eligible for priority registration will send the Registrar an application form along with a list of students who are recommended for priority registration.
  • The form will articulate the rationale for the need for priority registration given the demands of the students’ activities and/or circumstances.
  • The Committee will not see the list of individual names.
  • The PRAC meetings will be open to the public and all rationale statements and tallies as well as the PRAC’s decisions will be publicly available.
  • The PRAC will review summary data regarding the operation of priority registration including the specific courses that are selected during priority registration and will suggest modifications to the Priority Registration Policy as needed.
  • The Registrar will present an annual report to the Educational Policy Committee indicating the number of students who were granted or denied priority registration, and an evaluation of whether course selection during priority registration appears to be serving its intended purpose.


Ex Officio Member and Committee Chair

  • Lauren M. DiGrazia, Assistant Provost & University Registrar


  • Jennifer Coble, Ph.D.,Senior Lecturer, Biology
  • Marsha R Penner, PhD, Department of Psychology and Neuroscience


  • Jonathan C. Sauls, Dean Of Students
  • Lora Wical, Deputy Director and Senior Assistant Dea, Academic Advising


  • Niharika Vattikonda
  • John (Sam) Johnson

Recommendation for Priority Registration Form

Recommendation for Priority Registration form

PRAC Meetings Information