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Review our collection of frequently asked student registration questions.

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Registration and Enrollment FAQs

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Schedule Planner FAQs

There is a class I really want to take, but I cannot select it from the course dropdown.

The course dropdown shows classes that are scheduled for the term selected. Therefore, if that course is not being taught for that term, it will not be listed in the course dropdown list. You are welcome to contact the teaching department of the course for information about when it will be offered next.

Why can I lock a recitation but not a lecture?

If a class has a required recitation, those two sections are tied in the system. The lock will display on the class that displays first based on class number, but that will lock the lecture and recitation combination.

What do the Instruction Modes search criteria show?

Instruction Modes show the mode in which the class will be taught. See the chart below for descriptions.

Face to Face InstructionTraditional in-person classroom instruction
Interactive Real-Time VideoStudents may be participating from different locations but are connected with other students and the instructor via real-time video.
Internet, Web-based AsynchInstructional information has been prepared and made available on a website ahead of time. There is often no real-time communication between the instructor and students.
Web-based SynchronouInstructor and students are logged into an internet “classroom location” at the same time and may communicate via video or other electronic means.

Shopping Cart FAQs

If the system times out will the classes in my shopping cart be emptied?

No. If you have placed classes in your shopping cart they will remain until the system is purged after the close of the enrollment period.

If I put classes in my shopping cart, am I guaranteed a spot in those courses?

No. The shopping cart is used to help you manage your selection of courses.

The Shopping Cart does not reserve a space for you in a course.

I can see a class but I can’t add it to my shopping cart?

Determine that you are not in the planner, rather than in the shopping cart, when you are viewing the Schedule of Classes.

Does putting a class in my shopping cart guarantee I get a seat in that class?

No. Just like any online retail shopping cart, you are not guaranteed the item until you complete the purchase.

In this case, you are not guaranteed a seat until you complete your registration enrollment.

How can I put classes in order of preference rather than ConnectCarolina just automatically signing you up for the first 5 classes on your list.

Under the Plan tab shopping cart, select the classes you want to register by clicking the box next to the class.

If you enroll from here, ConnectCarolina will try to enroll you in those classes first. You can keep other classes in your shopping cart in case you need to retry or want to switch something out.

The enrollment processor goes through the classes alphabetically and then numerically. Therefore if you select ENGL 102 and HIST 127, the system will try to enroll you in ENGL 102 first, and then HIST 127.

Likewise, if you put HIST 127 001 and HIST 127 002 in your shopping cart, the system will try to enroll you in HIST 127 001 first, and then if you don’t get in will try HIST 127 002.

Interinstitutional Registration FAQs

How do I register for class at NCCU, UNCC, UNCG, Duke or NCSU for my program at UNC-Chapel Hill?

The Office of the Registrar provides several pages of information concerning the UNC-Chapel Hill Interinstitutional Policy.