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Review the Registration Tips below:

Review Enrollment Dates

Pay close attention to enrollment dates.

Fall 2020

  • Check enrollment dates on our University Registrar’s Calendars
  • You can enroll in up to 17 credit hours through August 2, 2020
  • Starting August 3, 2020 (the beginning of open enrollment), you can enroll in up to 18 credit hours
  • You can drop down to 1 credit through the last day to add online (August 24, 2020), at which point the enrollment limit will be set at 12 credits
  • You can add online through your ConnectCarolina Student Center through August 24, 2020 and drop online through September 1, 2020

Review the Registrar’s Registration Video Series

Visit the Registrar’s Registration Video Series before your enrollment appointment starts. These instructional videos will cover everything from different ways to search for classes, to how to enroll in, drop, swap, edit, and waitlist classes.

Get to Know Your Shopping Cart

Remember to use Plan > Shopping Cart when you’re first enrolling in classes.
This is the navigation in your ConnectCarolina Student Center to place checkmarks next to the individual classes you want to enroll in, rather than the Enroll > Add navigation that selects all of the classes for you.

  • Click on the enrollment shopping cart link to get to your shopping cart:
  • Notice the Plan> Shopping Cart navigation

Note: Adding a class to your shopping cart does not automatically register you for the class, or guarantee a seat will be available when you try to enroll in the class. When adding classes to your shopping cart, be sure to follow through all the steps, until you see a message that the class has been added to your Shopping Cart.

Utilize your Shopping Cart Appointment to Validate Classes

Validating classes will help you check for time conflicts, requisites and instructor/department permission required. check out the shooping cart appointments how-to

Enroll in Classes

Once your enrollment appointment starts for the term, and through the online add and drop dates, you can change your schedule on your ConnectCarolina Student Center.

You have two options for enrolling in classes:

  • Option #1: Enroll in classes from the Plan > shopping cart tab.  From this navigation, you will be able to place checkmarks in the classes you wish to enroll in, and then click “Enroll” and then “Finish Enrolling.”

Confirm your selections and click the FINISH ENROLLING button, and then review your results.

  • Option #2:
    1. Navigate to Enroll > add
    2. Click the trash can for any classes you wish to remove from your shopping cart
    3. Click the ‘enroll’ and ‘finish enrolling’ buttons as shown in Option #1.

Understanding Enrollment Symbols

Understand the green circles, blue squares, and yellow triangles. Use these symbols to ensure you are enrolling in open classes.

  • Green circle = open seats in class, check class notes to make sure you meet any restrictions for the class
  • Yellow triangle = class is full but seats are available on the waitlist
  • Blue square = class is full and there is no waitlist option

understanding enrollment symbols

Review Error Messages

If the enrollment attempt is successful, you will see a green circle accompanied by a “Success” or “Message” message. If your enrollment attempt is not successful, you will see a red X with an “Error” message (see below).

swap courses results

Some Example Error Messages:

You cannot add a class due to a time conflict with class XXX. Select another class.

This error message lets you know that you are already enrolled in another class at this time.

Note: The class number listed in the error message is the enrolled class creating the time conflict, so you can go back to your schedule to see which class is creating the issue.

Department/Instructor Consent Required. You must obtain permission to take this class.

This error message lets you know that the class requires either department or instructor consent.

Note: You should contact the teaching department of the class for more information on obtaining permission, and then the department will have to enroll you once you do have permission.

example of enrollment error message 'department consent required'

Class XXX is full.

This error message lets you know that the class is full and there are no open seats.

Note: If the class has a waitlist option, you can waitlist the class if you chose to do so.

example of enrollment error 'class is full'

You are unable to enroll in this class at this time. Available seats are reserved and you do not meet the reserve capacity requirements.

If a department is restricting seats to a specific group of students (academic level, major, etc.), and you do not meet that reserve capacity, you will receive this enrollment error message.

Note: We ask that departments put information on any restrictions on the class in the class notes.

example of enrollment error due to time conflict

Review Class Notes

The Class Notes area displays any restrictions on the class or additional information listed.

To check the class notes:

  • Locate the Notes Area

how to locate the class notes section during the enrollment process in connectcarolina

Important: If you have additional questions about a class, be sure to reach out to the teaching departments.

Returning to the Shopping Cart after Enrolling

Click the Add Another Class Button to Return to the Shopping Cart after Enrolling.

  • When you submit your first enrollment attempt, and review your successful enrollments and errors, you’ll click on the Add Another Class button to return to your shopping cart to continue enrolling in other options and/or search for additional classes.

Additional Search Features

There are several ways to search for classes to add to your shopping cart, including additional search criteria and an option to search for classes that meet General Education requirements.

  1. Search by one or more General Education requirements:

Note: Be sure to click the “-“ button to delete that requirement when you are ready to search with different criteria.

  1. The Additional Search Criteria can be used to limit your results to days/times of the week or Course Components (just search for lectures only, for example).

additional search criteria

Important: If you find a class in the class search that you want to add to your shopping cart, and the ‘select class’ button is missing, it’s already in your shopping cart.

Enrollment Limits

  • You need to be enrolled in 12 credits to be a full-time student
  • For questions on enrollment limits, taking additional credits, etc., consult with Academic Advising

Contact Us

The Registrar’s Office is excited to help you with any enrollment questions you may have. We have extensive enrollment resources on our website including registration videos.

You may also contact us with questions: