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Graduate and Professional Students

  • Fall and Spring Terms
    Two courses per term for a graduate or professional school student, provided that the student is also registered for at least three credit hours per semester at his/her home institution.
  • Summer Terms
    One course per summer session term, provided that the student is also registered for at least three credit hours per session at his/her home institution.
    NOTE: Because of the rigorous nature of Maymester courses, UNC-Chapel Hill students participating in Maymester are not allowed to enroll in another course within the same term.
    For the very same reason, visiting students may not enroll in Maymester courses because the interinstitutional agreement requires students to take courses concurrently at their home and host institutions. Maymester courses are denoted by an “M” on the section number, e.g. ENGL 345 01M.
  • Graduate/Professional Students are not allowed to register for any undergraduate level courses.
    Only courses in the following scheme are eligible to count toward graduate degree requirements at Carolina (e.g., a 100-level course at Duke will not count toward a Carolina student’s degree requirements).

    Duke – 500 and above
    NCCU – 4000 and above
    NCSU – 500 and 700
    UNC-C – 5000 and above
    UNC-G – 500 and above

Graduate and Professional students must obtain approval from their academic advisor and complete the information on the Interinstitutional Approval Form.

Undergraduate Students

  • Fall and Spring Terms
    One interinstitutional course per regular term, providing the student is registered for the balance / remaining 9 hours (totaling 12 credit hours including the interinstitutional course for undergraduates) of their fulltime load at UNC-CH.
  • Summer Terms
    One course per summer session term, provided that the student is also registered for at least three credit hours per session at his/her home institution.

Undergraduate students obtain approval from your advisor as well as your academic advising dean’s office and complete the information on the Interinstitutional Approval Form.

Please note that if the course has registration restrictions, you will need to obtain approval from the instructor or department at the host institution.

No student will be allowed to take an interinstitutional course at a participating campus without being registered for the balance of his/her full load on this campus.

Online Courses

At UNC-Chapel Hill, interinstitutional students are not permitted to take Carolina Courses On-line through the Friday Center for Continuing Education because the tuition is not at the prevailing rate.

  • Online courses taught through individual departments are allowed, as long as the student receives the appropriate approvals.


The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill will bill the student for all courses taken (including interinstitutional courses) at the prevailing tuition rate.

  • The host institution will receive no fees from the interinstitutional student unless there is a special fee associated with a particular course. In such a case, the student must pay the fee.

Grading and Grade Reporting

A student taking a course by interinstitutional registration will be graded in the course in accordance with the grading system of the institution where the course is taken.

  • Grades will be converted to the UNC grading system prior to being recorded on the academic record.
  • Students are not allowed to register for interinstitutional classes on a Pass/Fail basis.


UNC-CH students wishing to take courses at the participating interinstitutional schools must obtain appropriate signatures of approval and complete the Interinstitutional Approval Form. (This form is interactive, so you can complete the information directly on the form and then print it by using the “Print Form” button.)

Once you have received all of the appropriate signatures, bring the completed Interinstitutional Approval Form to the Office of the University Registrar, Suite 3100, SASB North, where your information will be certified.

  • Please register for the courses you are planning to take on campus before coming to the Registrar’s Office.
  • The last day for a student to submit an interinstitutional request to the Office of the Registrar will be the last day to add a course without departmental approval. This information corresponds to that term’s University Registrar’s Calendar. If a student is interested in a course that begins after this deadline, due to differing University schedules, or separate modules that the course is being offered in, the deadline will be the fifth day after the start of that class. Start dates will be verified with the school offering the course.
  • A copy of your completed Approval Form will be sent to the host institution. Once their registration date opens for visiting students, they will attempt to register you.
  • If you are closed out or denied a seat in the course due to enrollment restrictions, please notify the interinstitutional coordinator at UNC-Chapel Hill.
  • You will receive confirmation of your status from the host institution.

Important:  Registration in a requested course must be confirmed by the visited institution for enrollment to be complete.  Interinstitutional courses cannot be added on a post-semester basis for any reason.”

Dropping Interinstitutional Courses

All interinstitutional drops MUST be processed by the Interinstitutional Coordinator at UNC’s Registrar’s Office to ensure that the host institution is notified of the drop.

Processing an interinstitutional drop through a department can result in a failing grade at the host institution.

Interinstitutional Approval Form

For more information go to: Interinstitutional Approval Form