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Standardized dates have been established for the beginning and end of course schedule maintenance, Astra, and extended course schedule maintenance. Those dates are posted below. When an event (i.e. Open ConnectCarolina) begins on a weekend, that date will be rolled back to the previous Friday. When the event ends (i.e. Close ConnectCarolina) on a weekend, the date will roll to the next Monday. If there are any changes to these dates due to special circumstances, the list serv will be notified.

Summer Fall Spring
Open ConnectCarolina Oct 1 Oct 1 April 1
Open Astra Oct 1 Nov 1 June 1
Close CC and Astra Nov 15 Jan 2 June 30
Room Assignments Nov 16 Jan 3 July 1
Open Extended CSM DecĀ 1 Feb 28 Sept 18
Classes on Web Dec 5 MarĀ 4 Sept 23


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