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With New Student Orientation season upon us, we’ve turned the blog post over to one of our Summer Registration Assistants that just graduated in May!
Here is his take on registration after New Student Orientation. Enjoy!

We second his advice of putting LOTS of classes in your shopping cart, being sure to remember “FINISH ENROLLING,” and not panicking if you do not get into all of your first choice classes….we’ll be here to help you search for other classes that meet requirements and assist with all other registration questions you may have! You’ve GOT this! And we’re here to assist if you need it.

And to our new transfer students – we’ll see you at Transfer Orientation and will be happy to answer any questions you have about changing your schedule around! If you have questions in the meantime, email us at!

How to register for classes; as told by a student.

So you made it through orientation.

It comes time to register for classes and you’ve forgotten everything that we told you.


That’s okay, we got a few easy steps for you.

Step 1: Fill up your shopping cart. A LOT. Seriously, put a lot of classes in your shopping cart.


Step 2: When the day comes to register, wake up early to make sure you register on time. We know it is summer and you want to sleep in. But don’t do that.


Step 3: Select the class schedule that you prefer. Do this in your shopping cart. We suggest about 15 hours and make sure the times of the classes do not overlap.

At 10 o’clock on your registration day hit “ENROLL.” Once the next page comes up, HIT “FINISH ENROLLING.”



Step 4: Don’t cry when you don’t get all of the classes that you want. It happens to everybody.


Step 5: Go back to your shopping cart and try to enroll in other classes. If you’ve tried everything in your shopping cart, you probably didn’t listen to Step 1. Just go back to search and add more classes. Keep doing this until you are happy with your schedule.


*If you have any problems with registration, feel free to call us at (919) 962-9851!


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