Course Schedule Maintenance (CSM)

During CSM for Fall and Spring terms, use Astra to schedule department events in both your departmental rooms and in your scheduling priority rooms (if you have any) for the semester open for CSM. You must use the Event Wizard to schedule the event. These events must not begin before 3:35 pm on MWF or 3:30 pm on TTH. A video tutorial is available below.

Events not scheduled during CSM must wait until two weeks after classes begin.

This procedure is meant to let departments schedule departmental faculty meetings or other important events in advance. The reason for the scheduled event must be added to the description. Events deemed not vital to the operation of the department may be canceled by the Registrar’s office if the space is needed for classes.

Extended Course Schedule Maintenance (ECSM)

During ECSM, for Fall and Spring term, use Astra to schedule department events only in your departmental classrooms using the Event Wizard. Once CSM ends, your Scheduling Priority rooms now revert back to the control of the Registrar’s office.

Summer Terms

Advance reservations for departmental events are not allowed during the summer terms. Requests for these events in Scheduling Priority rooms must be made through the Scheduling Office (timeline is generally mid-March to beginning of April).

Final Exams and Reading Days

Departments may not schedule any events themselves during Reading Days or any final Exam days in Registrar rooms. These events will be canceled without notification. Reading Days are clearly marked in Astra.

First 2 weeks of classes in a term

The Registrar’s office retains control of General Purpose Classrooms for the first 2 weeks of classes both day and evening Monday-Friday. These classrooms are listed in Astra on the scheduling grid calendar under the filter “registrar rooms”. We allow departments to schedule on the weekends in their scheduling priority rooms. Check Astra to make sure the time is clear.

After first 2 weeks of classes

The Registrar’s office retains control of most General Purpose Classrooms during the day from 8:00 am to 6 pm.

Student Union

Events Planning in the Student Union controls many General Purpose Classrooms at 6 pm after the first two weeks of class. A comprehensive list of these rooms may be found on the website at .


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