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The University Registrar shall:

  1. Keep the academic records of all students registered in the University and issue official transcripts and reports of such records
  2. Conduct the registration of all students in the University
  3. Prepare and publish the class and examination schedules
  4. Administer the faculty regulations relating to the removal of academic deficiencies incurred in this University and to compliance with probation and re-admission requirements

As the only official “Office of Records” for students pursuing degrees at this University and the only office authorized to issue official transcripts, or to certify the enrollment and attendance of students, the awarding of degrees, and other matters of record, the University Registrar has an important mission in the operation of the University. To this end, the University Registrar has the responsibility to maintain timely and accurate records of the academic progress and accomplishments of its students, while maintaining the privacy and security of those records.

As a central administrative office for the University, the Office of the University Registrar is responsible for scheduling classes into the space available in the general classroom pool, scheduling students for classes, grade recording, and grade reporting. This office provides data for internal and external reporting, assists schools and departments by furnishing needed data and other services, assists the faculty wherever possible, and renders services to the alumni by providing transcripts and certifications and other records needed.

As a principal administrative officer, the University Registrar assists the chief officers of the institution by providing reports, analyses, and recommendations required for policy formulation. The University Registrar also serves as a policy maker and acts to facilitate and implement institutional policy, providing interpretation and enforcement of policy.

This office assists academic units in ensuring compliance to University policies and procedures pertaining to the observance of the academic calendars, testing and grading practices, and recording of academic performance through publication of official procedures’ memoranda and personal advisement. Acting as a watcher and conscience for the University, this office balances the perceived interests of the University administration and its own constituents to ensure that policies and procedures are fully executed in a manner that is compassionate and sensitive to the needs of those the University seeks to serve.

The Office of the University Registrar places service to students and faculty first among its priorities, recognizing these persons as the Office’s primary constituency. As a primary information resource for students and faculty, this office actively seeks ways to effectively communicate and to inform students of their rights, responsibilities and procedures. As a service oriented office, in addition to providing efficient and immediate access to information, this office facilitates and coordinates activities of students and faculty pertaining to administrative matters.

Dedicated to supporting the research mission of the University, the Office of the University Registrar strives to be a leader in the use of the best management techniques, staying on the cutting edge of technology. The office is staffed with highly qualified personnel in all areas who constantly monitor office practices and procedures and recommend changes to ensure the most efficient and prompt service.

The Office of the University Registrar pledges to be an exemplary model within the University for service and execution of duty. The highest quality of service is sought through the performance of its staff in accordance with the values articulated in the Ethic of the Office of the University Registrar.