Click on a graduation area to learn more:

All students must apply for graduation through their ConnectCarolina account.

  1. Go to the ConnectCarolina portal (Internet Explorer recommended).
  2. Log-in to your ConnectCarolina Student Center with your UNC Onyenand Password.
  3. Select Apply for Graduation from the drop-down box on the Academics tab.
  4. Follow the directions to confirm all program and personal information.

Important:  If you do not see the “Apply for Graduation” link, you are not currently eligible to apply. If you believe this is in error, contact your graduate program or undergraduate academic advisor.

For a list of graduation-related dates and deadlines, click on the Important Graduation Dates section.

Important:  Late applicants are not guaranteed to be listed in the Commencement Program.

Important:  Your full legal name as listed in the University’s records will be printed in the Commencement Program and on your diploma.

During the “Apply for Graduation” process you are asked to confirm your full legal name.   To confirm the accuracy of your name, including spelling and punctuation:

  1. Login to your ConnectCarolina Student Center
  2. Click the Home link (located in the top-right corner of the page)
  3. Click Update Personal Information (located on the left side of the page under SelfService)

If this is not the name on your current driver’s license or passport, name changes are processed through the Office of the University Registrar.

  • During the “Apply for Graduation” process you are asked to confirm your home address information.
  • Mailed diplomas are shipped after graduation to the home address listed on your ConnectCarolina account.  If this is not where you want your diploma sent, you can update your address in your Student Center.

The information listed below will aid students in their preparation for graduation.

General Information
  • To graduate “with Distinction” or “with Highest Distinction” a student must have completed at least 45 academic hours at UNC-CH and have obtained a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.5 and 3.8 respectively.

Visit the Diploma Distribution page for additional information on receiving your diploma.

  • Check your name — Your diploma will be printed with the full legal name listed on your ConnectCarolina account. You confirmed your name during the “Apply for Graduation” process; please check again, especially if you requested a change. If this is not the name that appears on your current driver’s license or passport, bring your documentation to the Registrar’s Office to process a name change. Remember: if a requested name change is not processed by the posted deadline, the cost of a replacement diploma is $25.
  • Check your address – It is your responsibility to ensure that your home address is correct, as this is where your diploma will be sent. Remember: diplomas will not be forwarded by the Post Office.
  • Check your Student Center for holds – Certain holds, if not resolved prior to graduation, may prevent the release of your diploma. Click on each hold for information on its impact and, if necessary, follow any included instructions for resolving while you still have access to your ConnectCarolina account.
Correspondence Courses

If you are taking a correspondence course to fulfill your last requirements:

  • Let the instructor know that you plan to graduate at the end of the semester.
  • Make sure all work is completed by 4 weeks prior to graduation.
  • Arrange to take the final exam by the last day of exams. Begin this process at least 3 weeks prior to graduation.
Temporary Grades
  • Remember that temporary grades (IN, AB, and SP) take time to be changed to permanent grades. It is recommended to take care of temporary grades well before graduation.
Visit the UNC Commencement web site for complete information on Commencement activities.

  • The May Commencement Program includes the names of all May degree candidates with an active application for graduation at the time of printing.
  • The December Commencement Program includes the names of all August graduates and all December degree candidates with an active application for graduation at the time of printing.

Important: Click on the Important Graduation Dates area for specific deadlines for names and/or name changes to reflect in the Commencement programs.

Students and scholars who desire to invite family members to visit the U.S. as tourists may use the information below to assist those family members in applying for a visa.

    1. Visit this document to learn how you can invite family members to the US for your commencement ceremony
    2. Request a graduation application confirmation letter from the Registrar’s office. Please email requesting for a letter of confirmation for graduation for you family visa’s.

Have questions about graduation?

Send an email to the records team at Registrar’s Office.