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Academic Data Support

Academic Data Support is a section in the Office of the University Registrar which addresses the growing demand for specific data and information about many different types of academic information.

Classroom Scheduling

The Classroom Scheduling team is here to assist departments in maintaining their courses in a term an in the assignment of classrooms, we have created this area for questions and resources.

This includes ensuring that all courses in your department:

  • Will be available in the term for students when registration begins
  • Have correct instructors and day/time/building/room
  • Contain, if necessary, reserve capacities or department consent to restrict enrollment

Course Scheduling

The Classroom Scheduling team plans and directs all activities related to scheduling.

This section oversees the construction and maintenance of 10,000 course sections per semester for 23,000 enrolled students, oversees the maintenance of the course inventory of approved courses, and plans and directs all activities related to classroom scheduling of 190 general purpose classrooms.

Additionally, they coordinate the publication of the Directory of Classes, produces and directs the archival of the University Permanent Record of Courses, prepares the final examination schedule, and teaching load and space utilization reports.


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InterInstitutional Registration

Under the Interinstitutional Program, any approved enrolled fulltime degree seeking graduate or undergraduate student (excluding continuing studies, visiting, or non-degree students), may register for courses (with appropriate approval) at:

The student may take a course, providing seats are available, at a participating university if the student’s academic advisor or dean can certify that the course is appropriate for the student’s degree program, e.g., graduate courses are available only to graduate students, and the intended course must not available during the same academic term at the home institution.

NCAA Certification

The NCAA Certification team is responsible for checking enrollment and academic requirements for student-athletes to determine if they are eligible to compete in ACC or NCAA sponsored athletic events. All student-athletes must meet the provisions of eligibility as prescribed by both the University and the NCAA.

Records Management

The records section maintains the permanent academic record of all current and former students; to clear undergraduate Arts and Sciences students for graduation, to secure and distribute diplomas for all students; to provide statistical reports and rosters on student performance to the student and/or to authorized University offices; to build and test new degree programs, and to maintain and update degree requirement changes.

This section also:

  • Provides coordination of data-entry and records maintenance activities for International Study/Year Abroad programs, Non-Degree registrations and Independent Studies courses
  • Administers the STOPS System and the Automated Degree Audit
  • Certifies athletes for NCAA participation eligibility
  • Ensures that each section head follows the Records Retention and Disposition Schedule approved for the Office of the University Registrar.

Registration Services

The Student and Faculty Services section plans and directs all activities associated with registration.

Additionally, this section serves as a primary information resource regarding: student enrollment information, registration system procedures and processing, and the University and departmental policies concerning the release of student information. This section also enforces student service stops (service indicators) and satisfies requests for on-demand services in the production of academic transcripts, loan deferments, and enrollment certifications.

This section verifies academic performance such as dean’s list, semester and cumulative grade point average data, and class-rank information. This section is also extensively involved with processing data input documents including:

  • Registration changes
  • Withdrawals
  • Cancellations
  • Registration reinstatements
  • Notification of canceled courses
  • Intra-University transfers
  • Joint degree programs
  • Directory and non-directory restricted release requests
  • Deceased student notifications

Residency Status Committee

The Residency team provides this institution with leadership and oversight to the execution and administration of the North Carolina residency for tuition and admissions laws, as well as applicable federal statutes. In doing so, the office provides administration and oversight to the appeals process of affected individuals, ensuring the process functions in accordance with the statutes fairly, efficiently, and as far as possible, harmoniously.

Tar Heel Tracker

The Tar Heel Tracker report is part of a suite of degree audit tools that lists all of the requirements for a student’s degree, including (but not limited to):

  • Minimum number of hours required
  • General Education requirements
  • Major requirements
  • Minor requirements

The Tar Heel Tracker will show if a requirement has or has not been satisfied, and is a useful tool that allows the student and the advisor to chart the student’s academic progress towards graduation.  It can NOT be used as a confirmation of remaining degree requirements.

The University Catalog is the official source of information regarding undergraduate curricula.


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Veteran’s Affairs

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is approved by the Veterans Administration as a training facility for students receiving military education benefits.

For more information, check out the Veteran Affairs GI Bill Educational Benefits page.


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