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University Registrar and Administration

Lauren DiGrazia    
Assistant Provost &
University Registrar 962-8289
Christy Samford
Deputy 962-0492
Marnie RossBusiness 445-4722
Kelly MillerAssociate University
Registrar for Curriculum,
& Reporting 962-9952
Kris West Associate University
for Records & Enrollment
Services, Scheduling,
Residency & Veteran’s
Certification 962-0976

Functional/Technical Analysis & Reporting

Roger Kaplan           Assistant Registrar for      
Analysis & Reporting (919) 962-0981
Fang 962-9854
Dylan MuckermanReportingmuckerma@email.unc.edu919-962-9840

Curriculum, Graduation & NCAA

Linda Hill 962-9857
Sarah Palumbo 962-7188
Valerie 962-7204
Angela HarrisGraduation/ 962-4315
Rocky HortonGraduation/NCAArockh@unc.edu919-843-3498
Crystal LineberryGraduation/ 962-5161
Angela Jones Graduation/

Records and Enrollment Services

Jessika Harris        Assistant Registrar
for Records and
Enrollment Services 445-4734
Tiffany Cash Records and Enrollmenttacash@email.unc.edu919-445-4724
Christian Dickens Records and Enrollment ctylerd@live.unc.edu919-445-4729
Alicia Ferreira Records and Enrollmentanatalia@email.unc.edu919-445-4728
Whitney MarlattRecords and 445-4733
Marcus Peoples Records and Enrollmentmlpeop@email.unc.edu919-445-4730

Veteran’s Certification

Jan Benjamin        Veteran's Certification 962-9864


Renee Sherman      Assistant Registrar      
Classroom Scheduling
& Course Support 445-4739
Jacki HatcherScheduling 445-4738
George HeathScheduling 445-4737

Provisioning, Documentation & Training

Charles Smith         Documentation,            
Training & Provisioning 962-6334
James Howard-Smith         Documentation,            
Training & Provisioning 445-4714