The Tar Heel Tracker report is part of a suite of degree audit tools that lists all of the requirements for a student’s degree, including (but not limited to):

  • Minimum number of hours required
  • General Education requirements
  • Major requirements
  • Minor requirements

The Tar Heel Tracker will show if a requirement has or has not been satisfied, and is a useful tool that allows the student and the advisor to chart the student’s academic progress towards graduation.

Note: It can NOT be used as a confirmation of remaining degree requirements.

  • Provides a real-time look at a student’s academic requirements.
  • Provides an ability to generate data for reports that students and advisors may use for course planning.
  • Allows authorized personnel to enter course adjustments for students who may have courses that need to be moved to other requirements.
  • Improves consistency in advising appointments.
  • Registration planning: students can view courses in their unsatisfied requirements and see which courses are available in upcoming terms.
  • Students and advisors can explore options by running What If reports (change their majors, add majors and / or minors) and by adding planner or what if courses.

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