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  • Grades are due within 72 hours (3 calendar days) following the scheduled date of the final examination.
  • Each student whose name is listed on a grading roster is validly registered for the section and must receive a grade appropriate to the grade type (A-F, Pass/Fail, or Audit) for which a student registered.
  • Grades assigned in courses numbered above 099 (prior to Fall 2006) or above 399 (starting in Fall 2006) depend upon the individual student classification.
  • Students with undergraduate classifications should be assigned grades using the undergraduate grading system.
  • Students with graduate or professional classifications should be assigned grades using the appropriate graduate or professional grading system.

Note: See the Grading System page for a complete list of authorized grades.

The primary instructor of a class, as a member of the faculty at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill,  is the sole authority for reporting and/or changing a course grade.  In those instances when a faculty member’s appointment has been terminated, or a faculty member has resigned or is deceased, the sole authority for approving and/or changing a course grade rests with the chair of the relevant unit (school, department, or curriculum).

When an established and documented second level of approval is required in a unit’s grading process (e.g., the Dean of the School of Law reviews and approves all course grades before they are recorded and posted), then that second level approver (generally a Dean)  or the Dean’s designate can approve and/or change grades.  A Dean’s designate must be approved in writing by the Dean of the unit and the University Registrar before being added to an electronic grade roster.  Approvals for Dean’s Designates will be kept on file in the Office of the University Registrar.

In all cases, an approved grading Proxy may enter grades for a faculty member or a Dean.  However, a grading Proxy cannot approve grades and/or submit grade changes; these two actions (approving grades and submitting grade changes) can only be accomplished by the primary instructor or the second level approver.

Use the following classification tables to help you determine the appropriate assignment of grades.

Undergraduate Academic Levels 

  • FR First Year Undergraduate
  • SO Sophomore
  • JR Junior
  • SR Senior
  • SPU Special Undergraduate Non-degree
  • II * Inter-Institutional
  • FX * Foreign Exchange

Graduate and Professional Classifications

  • GD Grad Doctoral
  • GM Grad Masters
  • GPD Grad Post Doctoral
  • JPM Joint Program – Masters
  • JPD Joint Program – Doctoral
  • SPG Special Graduate Non-Degree
  • 1st First Year MBA or Professional
  • 2nd Second Year MBA or Professional
  • 3rd Third Year Professional
  • 4th Fourth Year Professional
  • II * Inter-Institutional
  • FX * Foreign Exchange
  • SPP Professional Non-Degree
  • SDS Currently used for Off-Campus Professional Pharmacy Program


  • The classifications that start with “SP” (SPU, SPG, SPP) are used for non-degree students
  • Classifications that start with “G” (GD, GM, GPD) are graduate classifications
  • Classifications II and FX can be used for undergraduate or graduate students

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