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The following symbols are not used by individual instructors but are assigned by the University Registrar’s office under the circumstances indicated.

  • BE – By Exam
    A notation of BE (By Exam) is entered in the grade column of students’ academic transcripts if they are awarded credit for a course as a result of evaluation by examination.The notation of BE should be used for any course for which credit hours are awarded.
  • F* – Administrative F
    The Office of the University Registrar automatically converts the temporary grades of AB and IN to F* when the time limit for a grade change on these temporary grades has expired.
  • NG – No Grade
    The symbol of NG is recorded as a notation for failure of the Language Reading Requirement, for authorized professional school non-degree courses which are not assigned a grade, and for Judicial Pending cases.
  • PL – Placement
    A notation of PL (Placement) is entered in the grade column of students’ academic transcripts if the result of an evaluation places them in a succeeding course without awarding credit for the preceding course.
  • W – Withdrew Passing
    Entered in the grade column when a student “drops” a course after the official six week drop period in a fall or spring semester without “adding” an equivalent credit hour course.After the drop period, this symbol will be entered unless the office approving the “drop” (normally the student’s academic dean) specifies on the drop-add form that the W should not be posted.

    The Graduate School and Law School do not employ the symbol “W” for their students.

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