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The Cashier calculates tuition and fees based on the established billing dates and mails you a bill. These bills instruct you to pay or defer the full amount of your tuition and fees by the payment deadline or your registration will be canceled. See the University Registrar’s Calendar for specific dates.

After the tuition due date, you must pay estimated tuition and fees to the University Cashier’s Office, Suite 2215, SASB North (or financial aid recipients must provide the University Cashier with documented eligibility of financial aid plus payment for any previous charges or unfunded tuition and fees) in order to register for the semester.

Note: You will be charged a $20.00 late registration fee if you register on or after the first day of classes.

Notice of Registration Cancellation

Registration will be canceled and a notice of registration cancellation for the pertinent reason will be sent for the following reasons:

  1. Are not registered for any courses
  2. Are registered for courses, but are not cleared financially
  3. Are not academically eligible to continue in school

Important: Cancellation notices are sent approximately 3 business days after the tuition due date.

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If you need help with any registration related questions, contact us!