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Course Adds

Changes in course registration should be made prior to the add deadline, which is on the fifth day of classes. Up until this time, students may add courses to their schedule using the registration system in ConnectCarolina.

After the add deadline, the addition of a course to a student’s registration schedule requires permission of the instructor and/or teaching department. Students may receive assistance from the teaching department to add courses to their schedule until the census deadline.

Students seeking enrollment into a course after the census deadline must meet with an academic advisor for approval. In these cases, course enrollment will only be approved if permission has been received by the instructor, and only for truly exceptional circumstances.
See the University Registrar’s Calendar for specific dates.

Course Drops

Undergraduate students students may drop courses using the online registration system during their access period which expires at the end of the 8th week of classes.

  • Important: Any drops completed after the university census deadline will receive a “W” grade notation.
  • Students are encouraged to meet with an advisor to review implications of drops made post census.
  • Undergraduate students are responsible for ensuring that any registration schedule changes do not result in less than a twelve-academic hour semester registration, excluding all one-hour Physical Education Activity (PHYA) 200-level courses from the twelve-academic hour total, for full-time status. Students wishing to enroll in less than full-time hours must meet with an advisor of their college to discuss academic load options.

See the University Registrar’s Calendar for specific dates pertaining to drop deadlines.

Graduate students may drop courses using the registration system during the first eight weeks. After the eighth week of classes and before the end of the twelfth week of classes, graduate students must obtain approval from their program advisor.

  • Course drops requested After the Last Day for Graduate Students to drop courses requires approval of the Graduate School.
  • For more information: visit the rules for course drops page.

See the University Registrar’s Calendar for the Last Day for Graduate Students to drop courses.

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