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  • The minimum course load for undergraduates for a single semester is 12 academic credit hours (one hour physical education activities do not count towards academic hours). You may not go below 12 academic credit hours without permission of your dean.

    Important: You should discuss semester enrollment of fewer than 15 academic credit hours with your adviser because such enrollments necessitate:

    • Summer School
    • Correspondence
    • A heavier course load during a later semester
  • The maximum course load for undergraduates for a semester is 17 credit hours and for graduate students is 16 hours. The maximum load will increase to 18 credit hours for undergraduates at the beginning of open enrollment for each term.

    Continuing Studies students are limited to 8 credit hours. If you wish to enroll for more than the credit hour limit you must obtain permission from your dean to carry a credit hour “overload”.

    Important: The registration system will not permit you to register for more than the credit load limit without obtaining your dean’s approval. Only the Dean’s Office can increase credit hours.

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