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A cancellation results in removal of all enrollments for the term. Cancellations are not noted on the permanent record. No tuition or fees are charged, but other charges related to attending the University are the responsibility of the student.

To understand your options and the impacts for cancellation, carefully read the University Policy Memorandum #7 on Cancellation Withdrawal and Suspension

Requesting a Cancellation

For fall and spring semesters:

Before the term begins, students may request a registration cancellation by completing the form available on the University Registrar’s website. Students should complete the form by entering his/her UNC-Chapel Hill onyen and password. Click here to complete the form.

A student can also choose to request a registration cancellation in person, by fax, by mail, or by emailing the University Registrar’s Office from his/her UNC-Chapel Hill email address. A registration cancellation request must include the following:

  • First and last name of the student
  • The term the student wants to cancel
  • UNC-Chapel Hill PID
  • A written signature (only necessary if request is made in person, by fax, or by mail)

“I [first name] [last name] would like to cancel my Spring 2014 registration”. Signature (if needed).

Email Address:
Fax: 919-962-3349
Office Location: SASB North-Suite 3100
Mailing Address: Office of the University Registrar, CB# 2100, SASB North, Chapel Hill, NC 27599-2100


For Summer School, including Maymester, Summer Session I and Summer Session II:

Students wishing to drop/cancel any or all summer classes may do so without submitting a cancellation request and, unlike fall and spring terms, will not need to request readmission.

Due to a recent change, students may now drop/cancel any or all Summer School classes by taking these steps:

  • Log in to ConnectCarolina Student Center
  • Locate the Academics section and click “Enroll”
  • Select “Drop” from the top menu
  • Complete the steps to drop one or all of your classes

If you need additional support, please contact