The Office of the University Registrar supports the academic and research missions of the university and serves as a central administrative office for students, faculty and alumni. We provide data to internal and external constituencies, enabling these offices to make informed enrollment management and policy decisions. This office ensures adherence to academic policy, preserving academic integrity and safeguarding academic records.

Our customer-centered philosophy is built upon providing efficient service in a respectful and fair manner. We believe in diversity of people, thought and opinion as we build community and explore, create and shape the future with innovative educational support strategies.

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Upcoming Events

Don’t forget these upcoming deadlines and events.

Note: For a complete list of academic dates please visit the Academic Calendar page.

  • 03/08-  Last day for all undergraduates who began as First‐Year students in Fall 2014 or later, or as transfer students in Fall 2016 or later (New Drop Rules), to drop courses using the web registration system.
    Note: Drop transactions processed between weeks 3‐8 will remain on the student’s record with a grade of WC (Withdrawal by Choice).  
  • 03/08- Last day for all First Year undergraduate students who entered prior to Fall 2014 and all Transfer undergraduate students who entered prior to Fall 2016 (Old Drop Rules) to drop courses using a drop/add form. Drop transactions processed up to this date will not remain on the student’s record and there will be no grade recorded.
  • 03/08- Last day for graduate, post‐baccalaureate, and professional students to drop a course using the web registration system.   
  • 03/08- Last day for all Undergraduate Students to submit Pass/Fail declarations.
  • 03/08- Incompletes (IN’s) from prior term (Fall 2016) change to F* forUndergraduates Students.  
  • 03/10- Spring 2017 Recess Begins – Instruction ends at 5pm.
  • 03/20- Spring 2017 Recess Ends – Instruction begins at 8am.

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