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What is a waitlist?

Waitlisting is an enrollment option that may be made available by the teaching department for course registration. If a course you want to enroll in is closed at the time you attempt to enroll you may alternatively add yourself to the waitlist to join if a seat later becomes available. Many waitlists are set to auto-enroll the next eligible student.

How do I waitlist a course?

When adding a course to your shopping cart you must check the “Wait list if class is full” box in the top righthand corner prior to hitting “Next”. If you add the course to your cart without checking off this box and later decide to waitlist, you will need to remove the course from your cart and re-add with the waitlist option selected.

How many credit hours can I waitlist?

Undergraduates can waitlist up to 4 credit hours and graduate students can waitlist up to 12 credit hours at one time. Please note these hours are factored into your total enrolled hours.

Can I waitlist a different section of a class I am already enrolled in?

No. ConnectCarolina will not permit multiple enrollments for a course in the same semester.

Am I guaranteed a seat in the course if I am next in line on the waitlist?

No. The waitlist will attempt to enroll you if a seat becomes available, but the enrollment may not be processed if an error occurs. Examples include a time conflict, missing pre-requisite, or unmet reserved seat requirements.

Can I swap for a waitlisted class?

No. The waitlist operates on an enroll/drop basis. If you wish to replace an enrolled course on your schedule with a waitlisted one, you will need to drop the course and add yourself to the waitlist.

Can I waitlist a recitation while keeping my seat in the lecture?

No. Lectures and recitations are linked for enrollment. This means you may either be enrolled or waitlisted for the lecture and recitation. The “edit” feature can be used to change to a different open recitation section.

How can I view my waitlist position?

Navigate to your Student Center in ConnectCarolina. Select “My Class Schedule” under the Academics header to the left. Your position number will be noted under the waitlisted class.

When is the deadline to waitlist?

The deadline to waitlist is noted on the Academic Calendar of the term. No students may be added to a waitlist beyond this date.

How long will I be on the waitlist?

The waitlist is purged at the beginning of the semester. If you are not enrolled from the waitlist or drop it from your schedule by the purge deadline it will automatically be removed on that date.

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