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If you did not find your answer here, email the Registrar’s Office for assistance.  Include your name, PID and home mailing address in your email.

  • A hold on my account prevented the release of my diploma at graduation.
    The hold has been removed.  When can I expect to receive my diploma?”Once you receive confirmation that the hold has been cleared, email the Registrar’s Office at: with your name, PID, and current mailing address to request release of your diploma.
  • I received my diploma but it doesn’t mention my minor. Should my minor be listed on my diploma?”
    Minors are not included on diplomas; however, all majors and all minors will be listed on your transcript.
  • When are diplomas distributed?
    Visit the Diploma page for more information.
  • I’ve moved and haven’t received my diploma. How can I find out where it was sent?
    Review the information under Diploma Distribution.

    • Remember that diplomas will not be forwarded by the Post Office.
    • It is your responsibility to make sure that the home address listed on your ConnectCarolina account is where your diploma should be mailed.

    Deadlines for updating address information are included under Important Graduation Dates. For assistance, email the Registrar’s Office at: with your name, PID, and date of graduation.

  • It’s been several weeks since I graduated and my diploma hasn’t arrived. What should I do?
    Check the Diploma Distribution page to see when you should expect your diploma to arrive and what to do if you have moved.
  • How may I request a replacement diploma?
    Replacement diploma orders can be placed at the following link: Replacement Diploma Form. More information about the replacement diploma order process can be found here: Replacing Diploma.
  • There is a wrong/misspelled name on my diploma. What should I do to fix this?
    Diplomas are printed with a graduate’s full legal name as it appears in ConnectCarolina.

    During the application for graduation process, you were asked to confirm the full legal name listed in ConnectCarolina and, if incorrect, to contact the Registrar’s Office to initiate a name change. For graduating students, the deadline to request name changes which will be reflected on diplomas is included under Important Graduation Dates.

    • If the name on a graduate’s diploma is incorrect but does reflect the full legal name as listed in ConnectCarolina at the stated deadline, the student will need to request a name change, after which they may pay for a new diploma by completing and submitting a replacement diploma order. There is a new online form coming soon.
    • If the name is incorrect on the diploma because of an error by our office, the incorrect diploma can be returned for a free replacement.

    Contact the registrar’s office at: for further instructions.

  • Where may I find details of UNC-CH’s Commencement Ceremony?
    For specific details concerning Commencement, refer to the UNC Commencement website
  • How do I apply for graduation?

    Each term, eligible students may apply for graduation through their ConnectCarolina account beginning the first day of class.

    • On the Academics tab, select “Apply for Graduation” from the drop-down box and click the arrow.
    • if this option is not available, you should contact your academic advisor to confirm that you are eligible to graduate.
  • I am applying for a visa and need to submit verification of my degree. What should I do if my diploma hasn’t arrived yet?

    A Proof of Awarded Degree is often accepted in place of a diploma to verify educational credentials.
    Note: If you need this letter as part of your documentation for overseas work or study, use the Comments box at the bottom of the form to request that the letter be certified and notarized.

    You may also be asked to obtain an apostille, which is an additional authentication provided by the State of North Carolina.

    • The NC Dept of the Secretary of State will only process an apostille if the document has been certified/notarized by the granting institution, so you will want to request that first. Then follow the instructions for obtaining an apostille.

    Important: While our office is happy to certify/notarize your Proof of Awarded Degree letter, we cannot be responsible for submitting payments or other supporting documentation. You will need to make those and all other arrangements directly with the office of the NC Secretary of State.

    If your degree was awarded spring 2019 or later, you can order a certified electronic diploma [link to new page—email coming shortly with details] to share with employers, agencies, etc.

  • What is the size of a diploma?
    • UNC diplomas measure 11 ½” x 14”
    • Certificates for University certificate programs measure 8 ½” x 11”

    Custom designed frames for this size may be purchased from the UNC Student Store.

  • How will my name appear on my diploma?

    Your diploma will be printed with the full legal name as listed on your ConnectCarolina account. You confirmed this information during the Apply for Graduation process and can check the name to be used through your Student Center in ConnectCarolina.

    To check the name to be used on your diploma:

    1. Go to the ConnectCarolina Portal.
    2. Login to the ConnectCarolina Student Center by clicking on the “Login to Student Center” button and entering your onyen and password.
    3. Click the Home link at the top right of the page.
    4. Locate the General Links area
    5. Select the Update Personal Information link on the left side

    Your full legal name will be listed.  If this is not the name that appears on your driver’s license or passport, bring your documentation to the Registrar’s Office to process a name change.

    Important: Changes to your full legal name MUST be processed through the Registrar’s Office.